Facebook Lead Ads: Your new best friend

With the digital world constantly changing, Facebook and social media platforms alike are discovering more ways to keep users within their platforms longer and build a better user experience while also capturing invaluable data for marketers. Launched in late 2015, Facebook lead generation adverts have really taken off and found their place in the market this year.

Lead generation adverts, more affectionately known as lead gen ads, make forms simple for Facebook users and more valuable for businesses. By clicking a lead gen ad, potential customers will see a form that’s filled with information they have already shared with Facebook – such as their name, email address, phone number, postcode etc. With a whole new world of lead generation, remarketing and data now available, here’s what you need to know to start making lead gen ads work for your business.

Benefits of Facebook Lead Gen Ads

User Friendly  

You might be asking yourself why capturing the details of your potential customers within Facebook would be more effective than sending people direct to your website? It’s quite simple – convenience.

People are spending more and more time on their mobile devices and even more time specifically on social media apps, and the thought of having to leave said app to seek more information or complete a form can deter people completely. Lead gen ads are user friendly meaning that people don’t need to actually leave Facebook to submit their details. One click of a button and back to scrolling between cat videos, baby photos and memes they will go!


Facebook lead gen ads are customisable, to a certain extent. As with all Facebook advertising, the usual restrictions apply. Colours, fonts and call-to-actions are still limited, however there are several editable options with lead forms that allow you to get the most from your data.

  1. Include a custom introductory slide within your form: This will give your potential customer even more information and entice them to complete the form. If you opt out of the intro slide, the form will open directly to the questions you are wanting answered.
  2. Feature custom questions within your form: If you’re wanting more than just basic contact information and demographic data then use custom questions to get the most out of Facebook users. These questions must still adhere to Facebook advertising guidelines so keep these handy when you’re preparing the questions.
  3. Facebook lead gen ads have been recently updated to allowed marketers to also customise their outro: This is great as it allows brands to give a personal sign off, send people directly to their website or include any additional information that may have been previously missed or overlooked.


Facebook is fast becoming a bigger, better and creepier player in the world of remarketing. Want to connect with people who have opened your lead forms but have not completed them? Facebook remarketing. Want to connect with people have previously submitted a form? Facebook remarketing. Or maybe you just want to connect with people who have previously visited your Facebook page… Facebook remarketing.

With the introduction of lead gen ads came the introduction of more tailored remarketing audiences. Use the various custom audiences now available to further refine your overall campaign and expand your strategy to target those who you know have already shown genuine interest.

Lower CPA

The wonderful thing about Facebook is that advertising doesn’t need to cost your whole marketing budget. Lead gen ads allow for a high conversion rate at a low cost per lead, which really is the ideal situation.


Traditionally, leads generated by lead gen ads would be captured within the backend of Facebook which could then be downloaded. This system is not the most effective as it does not allow for instant notification of leads. While this option is still available, Facebook now allows third-party integrations with lead gen ads. Yes, that does mean your Facebook leads can be directly added to your CRM, email marketing lists, emailed directly to you and the list goes on and on!

What you need to know

Legal Stuff

As the personal details of Facebook users will be collected and distributed through lead gen ads, a privacy policy must be linked. The ads cannot be created without this.


Ah URL tracking, you beautiful thing, you! We always recommend tracking the final call-to-action within your Facebook lead gen ad. This will allow any additional conversions on your website that may result from a lead gen ad to be attributed to your Facebook campaign and assist with reducing the overall CPA of Facebook lead gen ads even further.

If you’re interested in making Facebook lead generation adverts a part of your social media marketing strategy, contact Bang Digital today. Our passionate and experienced social media marketing team have a proven track record for delivering fantastic results and are ready to contribute to your social success.