Bang Digital help Cancer Council WA promote their Tax Time Donation Appeal

Did you know that 35 Australians will be told they have melanoma today? That’s 70 people in the next 48 hours and more than 1,600 this year. In fact, the threat of melanoma is so high that skin cancers now cause more deaths than road traffic incidents in this country.

It’s time to put a stop to this unnecessary suffering. That’s why we’re helping our phenomenal client Cancer Council WA (CCWA) to raise enough money online with their 2018 Tax Time Donation Appeal to fund research into cancers like melanoma. But we need your help. Here’s everything you need to know about CCWA’s latest campaign and how your tax deductible donation could save lives.  

Who are Cancer Council WA?

Cancer Council WA are West Australia’s leading, independent, evidence-based cancer organisation and the only one fighting every cancer from every angle. With 1,200 new cases of cancer diagnosed each year in WA alone, they’re determined to change that. Through their world-class research funding program, prevention programs and vast range of information and support services, they’re bringing the defeat of cancer closer.

As part of Cancer Council Australia, the nation’s leading cancer charity working across every aspect of cancer from support and research to prevention and advocacy, CCWA runs numerous campaigns throughout the year in order to raise funds for treatment strategies like personalised cancer vaccines. This June, Bang Digital will be helping them to promote their Tax Time Donation Appeal online.  

What is the Tax Time Donation Appeal?

Over the past 60 years CCWA have been working with the WA community to prevent cancer, create hope and save lives. As part of their efforts, each year they launch their Tax Time Donation Appeal. The 2018 campaign will be running from June 1st, focusing on the research of Dr Jason Waithman, who along with his Perth-based team are currently working on an exciting research project which could save many lives.

The vaccine could help boost the body’s immune system, turning the body’s own cells into an army that seeks out and destroys cancer cells. It has fewer side effects than chemotherapy and leads to a far quicker recovery. By supporting the Tax Time Donation Appeal, you’ll help CCWA continue to fund researchers like Dr Waithman, allowing them to get one step closer to finding the next cancer breakthrough.

How Bang Digital are helping

Melanoma is the third most common cancer type in WA, with at least 2 in 3 Australians diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. That makes the probability of being affected or knowing someone affected by skin cancer in your lifetime extremely high. We were very surprised to hear all these shocking statistics and it really hit home the detrimental impact skin cancer can have on us Aussies.

That’s what makes it even more important to us to get involved and help CCWA reach their donation goals so we can help them fund a vaccine that could help save Australian lives. Working with CCWA on this campaign, our mission is to help drive online donations so they can get one step closer to helping Dr Waithman and his team find a vaccine to treat skin cancer and potentially other types of of cancers in the future.

Using a combination of AdWords search, responsive remarketing and Facebook advertising, we want to spread the word about skin cancer to reach new donors and to remind existing donors about the importance of finding the next cancer breakthrough.

Where your donation can go

By donating before the end of the month, you’ll help CCWA fund world-class research like the work of Dr Waithman, run education prevention programs, and provide much-needed support to West Australians affected by cancer. To give you some perspective, here’s where your donation could go:

  • $50 can provide a pack of SunSmart resources for an accredited school or child care centre
  • $75 can help fund research into new treatment strategies like personalised cancer vaccines
  • $100 can help provide education to health professionals to improve treatment and caring of their patients

As you can see, your support makes a difference, not just now, but well intro the future. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. So save on your tax and help create a cancer free future.

Donate to the Tax Time Donation Appeal today to help fund Cancer Council WA’s vital work in research, support services, prevention programs and advocacy for the future.