Renae shortlisted as a finalist in this year’s Telstra Business Women’s Awards

We’re excited to announce that our Managing Director, Renae, has been named as a finalist in this year’s Telstra Business Women’s Awards! Out of the 750 people who applied, there were only 5 shortlisted for the WA Small Business Award, including Renae. Read on to find out more about the awards and why Renae has made it this far.

What are the Telstra Business Women’s Awards?

Incredible women can come from anywhere. For over 20 years, the Telstra Business Women’s Awards have been celebrating these incredible women who do business differently. Shining a light on women who’ve challenged the status quo, have gone their own way and achieved success in business, the awards redefine the conversation on female leadership at all levels of business.

Dedicated to giving the most forward-thinking individuals a platform to achieve even greater things, the Telstra Business Women’s Awards present an opportunity to share outstanding achievements on both the national and state stage. The program consists of 5 categories to celebrate women across a range of industries and business types, including:

  1. Emerging Leader
  2. For Purpose & Social Enterprise
  3. Medium & Large Business
  4. Public Sector & Academia
  5. Small Business

Paving the way in innovative digital marketing

In 2019, Renae joins 4 other worthy women in the Small Business Award category who’re also undoing conventional business and setting a new bar for success. Specifically, Renae has been recognised for all her hard work and unwavering commitment to breaking down barriers in the digital space.

She achieves this by leading her team of dedicated digital professionals who spread their skills from marketing across to alternative services such as customer relationship management tools. When asked about her approach to digital, she said that she believes in the bigger picture and strives to become part of the wider solution for her clients:

“I am passionate about helping businesses succeed and empowering them to make informed choices regarding their digital strategies. I focus on demystifying the digital landscape and becoming a success partner for our clients.”

The winners will be announced on Thursday the 28th of March. We wish Renae and all the other finalists good luck on the night!