Google My Business updates in response to COVID-19

Google Maps is a tool we rely on nowadays without really thinking about it, and Google My Business (GMB) is the powerhouse of the information it provides. We expect the information Google provides to be accurate so we can plan our days efficiently.

Ever-changing restrictions announced by the government are impacting these opening hours and other information provided by GMB. Luckily, the team at Google has pushed out some changes that will make it easier for businesses to communicate changes to consumers, where they are looking for the information.

Temporary closures

If your business has been temporarily shut down by government restrictions, you can do so easily. This means your customers know you aren’t open now, but will reopen eventually. A step-by-step guide is available here >>

Updating opening hours

Some businesses are fortunate to stay open, but with limitations around when they can open. If this is you, you can follow this guide for how to update your GMB opening hours >>

Specific details

Limitations to things like store capacity, protocols to follow, etc. are more detailed to communicate. In Google My Business you can share this information with your customers through updating your description or by making a post.

More ways to connect

If your phones are unavailable or after normal business hours, customers may have trouble reaching you for information. By using GMB messaging, you can support consumers so they can, in turn, help you.

If you are having trouble updating any of your Google My Business details, we can help. Get in contact here >>