June 15, 2016

Driving Business to Business Leads with Digital Marketing in 2016

June 15, 2016

Driving Business to Business Leads with Digital Marketing in 2016

Driving Business to Business Leads with Digital Marketing in 2016

In an increasingly cluttered digital space, it’s vital that businesses develop a clear way to cut through the noise, connect with their customers, and ultimately, drive them down the sales funnel to becoming paying customers. Sounds easy right? Well that’s just the thing - it isn’t anymore.It’s no longer about blasting out your message in the hope that someone who is exposed to it is in the market for your products/services. It’s about identifying who your market is before you start, finding out what their key pain points are and delivering value through the offer of relevant content. Once the potential client has engaged with your content, it’s about hitting them at each point that they are evaluating you or your competitors with key messages to help them make the right decision.

Sales Funnel

Here are our steps for developing a winning Business to Business lead strategy:

1. Identify your markets.

Who are the people you want to talk to as a collective? Think about who your ideal customers are. Not necessarily the ones you have the most of, but who you enjoy working with, are profitable, have increased in value over the years of engaging with you, and are loyal advocates. Then develop a persona around these individuals - their demographic, likes, interests, job level, industry, emotional drivers and so on. This can then be used to build into your target market profiles.

2. Identify the content that will connect with these individuals.

Once you have established your markets, develop content that specifically resonates with these individuals. Develop your value/offer piece that will help pre-qualify them further, and educate them on what you do. You may develop one piece of content, and tailor it slightly to appeal to the specific target markets (e.g. make it industry relevant).

3. Choose your digital channels.

Choose the appropriate digital channels to reach these individuals. Where do they spend most of their time - Is it on email? Is it through social? Do they mostly use search to decide who to work with? No doubt it's a combination of all mediums, with weightings towards certain approaches. Think about each digital channel as a “touch point” along the customer journey pathway.

4. Create supporting digital assets (content, landing pages, creative).

Make sure your website guides people through the enquiry process each step of the way. It needs to be mobile responsive and easy to navigate. Request a lead form to be completed to access your content. Ask for permission to be added to a mailing list, and for you to contact them regarding booking an appointment. If they don’t provide permission, you can still drop a remarketing cookie and remarket your key messaging sequence.

5. Automate what you can.

The challenge with comprehensive strategies is that they need a consistent approach. Automation assists with ensuring this approach happens seamlessly behind the scenes. Automate your email follow up sequence, use remarketing to automate the execution of your key messages over time. Automate your lead forms to be collated in a CRM system.

6. Ensure you have a solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track performance.

Salesforce& Sugar CRM are two of the most common. A good CRM system will allow you to document touch points and assess your campaign strategy performance along the way. But even a simple excel document documenting the contact details, points of interaction, and process of the sale provides you with insights into your digital campaign performance.

7. Track, measure, optimise and repeat.

Ensure you develop goal tracking using Google Analytics to assess your performance, which allows you to continuously improve on your results.

8. Feedback performance to your digital team on lead quality.

Quality is important, so identifying which channel sources deliver the highest quality leads will allow you to further refine and improve your approach.With digital you have the opportunity to connect with your potential business customers, with pinpoint accuracy. Develop a strategy that is always on in the background and delivers consistent and engaged high value leads, allowing you more time to spend nurturing your high value prospects.If you need some help, we are here to guide you through. Contact our team now.