Bang Digital to launch revolutionary Real Estate site

Bang Digital was given the opportunity in late 2017 to help Australians join the real estate revolution with, a brand new online portal connecting buyers, sellers, agents and property suppliers in the one central marketplace. is Australia’s first and only real estate community that connects everyone relating to the transaction of property – including buyers, sellers, agents and businesses – and looks set to make selling property simple and more affordable.

As digital disruption enters into the Australian real estate market, presents agents with a groundbreaking way of offering their services and interacting directly with buyers and sellers. Sellers will now have the option of choosing exactly how they wish to interact with their local agent.

“The traditional ways of selling property are almost a thing of the past, which now puts power back in the vendors’ hands when selling real estate,” said Brad Errington of List4Free.

“Welcome to the new dawn with List4Free. We offer an unmatched experience online and are the only Australian company to provide a true real estate marketplace.”

Working closely with the client, Bang Digital developed a full digital strategy to help drive sellers to list properties and buyers to register through the website, that includes both search marketing and social to gain a wide reach.

“With launching a new brand and new service offering such as, it’s important that we educate the market as a priority, so that potential customers can really see the value of signing up as a buyer or a seller. We use a combination of targeted video activity with social promotion to really ensure people understand the value,” said Bang Digital’s Managing Director Renae Lunjevich.

She goes on to outline the value to the buyers and sellers uniquely. “As a buyer, you have the opportunity to access properties that may not be listed on the general Real Estate sites and engage privately with sellers and agents. As a seller in this super tough market, saving on costs allows you to keep your sale price competitive, negotiate and engage with specific suppliers as and when you need them to prepare your home for sale. It’s a really powerful platform that puts the control back firmly into the sellers and buyers hands, and at the same time provides a new way for agents to interact with vendors Australia wide.”