Digital Agency Spotlight: Making a Bigger Bang Online

Bang Online was born when Renae Lunjevich moved from London to Perth in 2007. She recognised a need for an online marketing agency that wasn’t just about getting rankings on Google; an agency that applied the foundations of marketing within the online space.

Fast forward six years and Bang Online now has twelve staff and continues to grow.

Bang Online’s expertise encompasses a combination of online and digital services including Digital Strategy, Search: SEO, SEM, Google Display and Remarketing, Social Media, Online Advertising, Brand Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Video, Mobile Websites, Microsites, and Banners.

As managing director, Lunjevich has an extensive background in marketing, with over 16 years’ experience working on both client and agency side for some of the world’s best-known brands including Hewlett-Packard and Encyclopaedia Britannica, from New Zealand and London.

Senior Account Manager Brendan Collins also has broad international marketing experience. Collins has worked in Singapore, Canada and Denmark across a range of industry sectors. In Copenhagen, he was a founding partner of Skift El, Denmark’s first electricity price comparison website. Subsequently, he was a finalist in the 2012 Young Entrepreneurship in Denmark Awards.

Digital Designed Brad Farleigh has over 5 years’ experience as a web developer, and has seen the online space evolve dramatically in that time. He has developed a vast multi-disciplinary skillset which allows him to adopt new technologies and techniques to stay ahead of the curve and generate results for clients.

When Bang Online first started, the digital space in WA mainly consisted of website developers and SEO specialists. Since then the industry has experienced massive growth, with digital marketing now integrated into most brand and full service agencies strategies.

Collins said while most marketers are embracing digital, they do find that SEO and SEM is still often an afterthought.

“The clients we achieve the best results with are the clients that consider these elements equally as important as offline advertising, and consider SEO and SEM as a primary component of their overall campaign activity.”

He said social media is also an area that marketers continue to view with some trepidation.

“The fear is that starting the conversation could open up a business to negative feedback, however, we know that if this is the case, the negative feedback will be occurring through social media, whether the company likes it or not. Being able to have a right of reply and a level of control over these conversations is better than having no presence at all. We work with our clients to educate them on risk management and understand how to control the social media environment for the benefit of the brand.”

The agency has steadily built up a strong portfolio of project work and ongoing clients.

One of its first and most notable campaigns was the launch of St John Ambulance’s ClickToSave in 2008.

ClickToSave was developed by St John Ambulance to educate West Australian’s on basic first aid through a free, 30-minute online course. This strategy included a microsite, online advertising, SEM, social media activity and email marketing over the campaign period. Social media was relatively new for businesses at that stage in WA, and the strategy developed was very progressive for the time. The campaign was a finalist in the AMI Awards in 2009.

In 2012, the agency took over the management of’s Google AdWords campaign. This was followed in 2013 with appointment to the online retailer’s SEO strategy. The appointment was testament to Bang Online’s capability. Up until then, – being predominantly an online company – had managed their search marketing activities in-house, with only occasional outsourcing.

Collins said having been given to opportunity to work with them, Bang had since consistently increasing’s return on advertising spend in a restricted media environment.

“The adult industry is one that does incur a number of challenges within the online space, with adult advertising banned from most mediums, so we are always on the hunt for new ways for to gain exposure to their target market.”

With a solid and successful six years behind them, Lunjevich said social media would figure strongly in Bang Online’s future, but the key to continued growth would be staying flexible and adapting to whatever the digital space throws their way.

“In our industry, being a highly flexible company influenced by the environment allows us to stay at the forefront of new technologies. While our roots are within SEO and SEM, we see social media as growing exponentially over the next 5- to- 10 years, as consumers change their behaviour to be influenced more by ‘brand ambassadors’ on social media than search results on Google. Applying marketing principles and brand reputation management in this growing platform will become crucial for everyday business, and we plan to lead the way in providing social media strategies and education services to our clients.”