Laura Sunley

Social Media Assistant
What I do at Bang?

I work in the social team creating, developing, and executing strategies for our clients! I assist in bringing the client's business and brand to life with creative ideas, engaging copy, and stunning visuals!

Why I love what I do?

I love being involved in an industry which is ever changing, keeps me on my toes, and always has something new pop up that I can learn more about! I can also combine my passions for marketing, media, and writing to create and develop strategies for Bang's range of clients. Being surrounded by a passionate and creative team is also a major plus!

Proudest moment to date?

From starting my digital marketing career in Seoul, South Korea to landing this awesome job at Bang, this whole journey has made me proud!

If I was a cocktail what would I be and why?

Margarita, Adventurous and sweet!

My credentials:
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Laura Sunley
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