Web development

We can build full, mobile and micro websites.

Web development

Developing a website that is not only fully functional, but contains all the features you wish to have while also ensuring it is ‘search engine’ friendly as well is not as simple as it might seem. Do not worry though, the Bang Digital team can help you out!

With many web development companies in the Perth market today, Bang Digital aims to deliver a holistic approach when looking at web design. Creating a new website is the first stage of success online and so we look to ensure all clients we work with understands that a high quality website is critical to the success of future online marketing efforts.

As the Internet has developed, so has best practise website development. We employ some of the very best web development techniques to execute our  client’s work and are constantly developing our skills with the latest techniques that come into the market. We also go much further than just offering new website design as we can also work with multiple back-end web platforms (WordPress, Magento, Joomla to name just a few) for pre-existing websites.

Moreover our web development team of experts are also proficient at mobile development, responsive designs, micro sites and more.

Website design

There’s no point wasting time and money driving traffic to a website that isn’t converting visits into leads. Our Perth based in-house website design team can help you assess your current website to find out why users aren’t converting, after all the whole point of a website is to gain leads or transactions.

We then analyse your current marketing strategy and business goals to re-design or re-build your website in order to maximise leads and generate revenue. Incorporating your businesses ideas, vision and values is part of the overall process and our web design team will go through this with you step by step. We will look to develop a design for your website that you are 100% happy with before we start any coding. This ensures that the finished product represents the very best of your business.

With years of online and digital marketing experience, the Bang Digital web design team knows the importance of a good, responsive website. Developing your website on a robust design platform such as WordPress is a superb investment for the future, as installing any new features down the line can be quick and easy by utilising WordPress’s ‘plugin’ system.

Investing in the right website design company can save you a great deal of money in the future, so get in touch with Bang Digital today.

Mobile websites

The numbers just don’t lie. In 2012 in Australia 87% of Smartphone owners said they accessed the Internet from their device at least once a day, a number which is trending upwards. For your business to maintain a professional appearance and remain engaging you’ll require a strong web presence across all platforms.

We have all been to websites on our mobiles that have appeared zoomed out and hard to read. Lets be honest it’s not a good look and it is not good for your brand. By having a standalone mobile site that is lightweight, responsive, simple and interactive it can greatly increase your engagement levels when customers are accessing your site from their mobile device.

Moreover it can increase your leads or transactions. Investing in mobile website development is only going to grow as the power of mobile devices continues to develop and we feel that investing in mobile in 2014 is definitely an effective way to get one up on your competition.


A frequently asked question we get at Bang is what exactly is a microsite and why would I need one? For those of you who don’t know, a microsite is an individual web page or site intended as a supplement to a main website.

The big distinction between a microsite and its parent site is that a microsite is created for a specific action whereas a parent site is a broader overall website. A microsite can be used for a particular product or service, a timely production or an upcoming campaign or event, as they deliver more focused, relevant content about a specific topic or to a targeted audience.

Used by companies of all shapes and sizes, microsites add great value to any business by providing a definitive purpose while still creating cohesiveness when looking at web design.

Before you embark on building a microsite, you will need to develop a clearly defined strategy to determine what you would like your microsite to achieve. All of our microsite developments are custom built to help fulfil the needs of your business, optimise your promotion and get fantastic results.

Whether it be for an individual promotion or an entirely new arm of your business microsite’s can prove to be incredibly effective for a number of reasons:

  • Focus – got a particular product or campaign? Don’t just feature it on your website, make it a star in its own right.
  • Control – as a standalone site that we design there’s no need to be restricted by your current websites structure and branding or to go through arduous channels for changes.
  • Tracking – our sites are built to track. We can follow every footstep of your clients so we can make their experience the best, and make your conversions balloon.
  • Viral – want to have the next viral hit? A microsite is the place to send the masses.