Google Ad Extensions: Explained

We specialise in Google Adwords Management for many of our clients and use all the ‘best practice’ techniques to deliver the very best results. The great thing about our industry (the online marketing industry) is that the innovations come along all the time and Google Adwords is no exception.

Ad extensions have been around for many years; however these are constantly evolving. This is superb as it gives our clients more of a chance to achieve their goals. Ad extensions essentially are features (or extensions) that we can ‘add’ on to a Google Advert that enhance the ad. The core reason to this is to increase click through rate and also to help achieve a conversion.

Below is a list of the ad extensions that are available for ads on Google and also a little bit about what benefits they can offer your advert.

Location Extensions

Location extensions are great for enhancing ads to help customers that are nearby find the business location or to call the business. These work by giving the ad a drop down section allowing customers to see a map of where the business is located and also a contact phone number. This ad extension can be really effective for businesses with a physical store front that customers come to visit or businesses that are not on the main high street and are not ‘easy to find’.

Call Extensions

Call extensions provide a clickable phone number link right next to your ad, allowing customers to easily be able to call your business. This is especially effective when viewed via a mobile phone. By making your ad so easy to interact with and generate a phone enquiry, it can put your ad above competing ads that don’t have a call extension option.

Social Extensions

If your company is active on Google Plus then this is a great extension for your adverts. Social extensions allow for you to display directly under your ad, the number of ‘+1s’ your business has received. This means you can influence potential users by showing how many Google Plus endorsements your company has, which again can improve your advert against your competitors.

Product Extensions

Product extensions are similar to location extensions in many respects. They are great for enhancing ads to help you display your products to users searching online. These work by giving the ad a drop down section allowing customers to see a selection of your top products and these can display images, prices and brief descriptions. Product extensions are perfect for companies that retail goods online and for websites that have high quality product images.

Seller Ratings

Seller ratings are a nice little ad extension that you can apply to ads to show the quality of the reviews that your business has had from other online review websites. It shows 5 gold stars next to your ad and then lists how many reviews you have had. This is excellent if your business has a lot of positive reviews as it is your chance to really show off your company’s positive reputation.

Ad Site Links

We really like this ad extension as it gives businesses the opportunity to add more than one destination landing page to your ad by placing site links under your advert. So essentially you can promote more pages per advert and also give potential users more reasons to click on your ad.


What is great about ad extensions is that they are all free, so it makes great commercial sense to look into which you feel would work best for your business. Remember not all ad extensions are suitable for all businesses and it is very much a ‘case by case’ basis as to which extension will suit your business.