Highlights from the 2018 Google Partner Summit in Sydney

Last week, Bang Digital was invited to attend the 2018 Google Partner Summit in Sydney! As Google Premier Partners, we’re always excited to learn about the latest offerings from Google, and this year’s Summit certainly did not disappoint.

The event featured several talks from senior Google leaders who shared valuable insights into the newest updates, tech trends and latest Google Ads optimisation tools. Read on to find out our key takeaways from this year’s Summit.

One-on-one insights – Renae Lunjevich, Managing Director

We always enjoy our time with the Google team and this year we had the opportunity to sit down with Martin Curtis, Head of Performance Agencies at Google, for breakfast and a one-on-one chat. His insights into the future of video were thought provoking and we are now working with the team at Google to ensure our customers don’t get left behind by being late adopters in this powerful advertising medium.

At the Summit we were honoured with the presence of the amazing Dave Booth from Cardinal Path, who mentioned the need for agencies to provide insights into reports that are beyond the data that our clients see. At Bang we work hard to do this, but there is always an opportunity to improve the way we communicate and Dave provided some strong pointers here.

My highlights:

  1. Everything – the insights are super motivating and outside the box
  2. Breakfast at Google and the VR Room
  3. Jumping up on stage to accept the bike we won in the photo competition!

Thought-provoking presentations – Carly Connor, Campaign Manager

It was fantastic meeting with the Google team and benefitting from their insights as to how we can ensure we’re constantly elevating our client strategies to achieve the best results. The face-to-face time with the team was absolutely invaluable and their recommendations and insights meant we travelled home with plenty of food for thought and arrived home reinvigorated and ready to apply our learnings to current and future campaigns.

The Summit was my first experience hearing Dave Booth speak and he was absolutely awe inspiring, being in that audience was hands down one of the best experiences of my career to date. In particular, I loved his insights on reporting and his encouragement to think outside the box with strategies. This quote in his presentation really stuck with me:

Education is not the learning of faces, but the training of the mind to think.’’ – Einstein.

Coming back from the trip, I’m excited to push myself further with client strategies and challenge my ways of thinking.

My highlights (near impossible to choose!):

  • The day with Google and attending the summit – incredibly stimulating and motivational
  • Spending quality time with Renae and Jack
  • We went on an amazing helicopter ride!

New technologies – Jack Kennedy, Head of Digital

Catching up with the team at Google is always great! Karishma, our Agency Account Manager, gave us some great insights into new and emerging technologies within the Google Ads platform. Machine learning is really changing the advertising landscape and seeing how Google is utilising this technology within their advertising products is really interesting and exciting.

Karishma took us through how Google has made some great progress with their video advertising products and gave us insights into new acquisition based ad types – a game changer for our clients who focus on driving leads and conversions.

We also explored a beta ad type called ‘Responsive Search Ads’ which are super exciting. These ads could end the need to do A/B testing with ad copy as they use machine learning to select the best ad copy combinations – choosing from 15 headlines and 4 descriptions. The adverts also have 3 headlines instead of 2 and 2 descriptions instead of 1. These adverts really grab a user’s attention and are improving 5-15% on average!

Lastly, Dave Booth gave a great talk on shopping campaigns! By utilising new technologies such as machine learning, Google has developed new and exciting bidding strategies, integrations and automated feeds which will help to increase revenue & ROI for eCommerce businesses.

My highlights:

  • The Google office tour – thanks Karishma!
  • Listening to the speakers at the Google Partners Summit
  • Winning the Google Bike

Bang Digital always aim to be at the forefront of digital marketing innovations in order to provide our clients the best possible service. Being a Premier Partner and attending these events allows us to do this. Contact us today.