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Missile Mail

Email can be an incredibly powerful and effective form of online marketing. If you want your promotional emails to stand out from the pack – read on!

Email marketing employs a spectrum of sophisticated tactics to increase the performance of your existing digital marketing campaigns. It’s low cost, extremely targeted and an effective way to build relationships with your existing and potential customers while driving traffic back to your website.

That’s why Bang is excited to introduce one of the most efficient email marketing solutions in the marketplace, Missile Mail. Missile Mail is a powerful email marketing software that is web based, so you can access it anywhere. It provides full reporting on opens, bounce tracks, clicks and forwards, giving you a great insight into how your campaigns are performing in real time.

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Our Missile Mail services include:

Account set up

Development of your account, uploading of your subscribers and connecting to your Google Analytics account.

Email strategy

Development of email strategy including subscriber management, list growth, email structure and proposed content for your regular email communications.

Email template design

Design of your templates depending on the strategy developed, including testing across all email software platforms and devices.

Email copywriting and send management

Copywriting of your emails, uploading of your subscriber lists, management of your sends and weekly or monthly reporting.


So if you’re ready to take back control of your email address, Bang is more than happy to help you set up a customised email strategy through Missile Mail to suit your business needs.