Google AdWords & Search Engine Marketing

Own the words that define your business. Do the job right and get the winners of the 2018 Google Premier Partner Display Innovation award to help you take control of the search engines.

Search marketing (Google AdWords)

Google AdWords advertising is all about instant gratification. Get to the top of Google, targeting your market with pin-point accuracy – location, time of day, demographic, keywords and the pages they land on can all be customised.  And with Google AdWords extensions, you can integrate imagery, offers, locations, site links and click to call buttons to really make your advert stand out in the crowd.  The best part about it all is the fact that it is highly measurable. We can see what keywords are delivering leads/sales, and for what cost. That’s pretty amazing.

We are a Google Premier Partner

Our company is a Google Premier Partner.  This means we have to have one individual who has been to Google University and passed their Google exams. We have three Google graduates, and more in training.  This means we have access to a Google Account Manager who we can chat to when things go wrong, and get insider knowledge on the latest technologies.

Being a Google Certified Partner is something that Bang Digital has really worked hard to become eligible for (as not every company can become a Google Partner).  The team here at Bang Digital has access to advanced training from Google and this means that we can implement the very latest best practise techniques, so that you get the most out of your advertising spend.

To achieve Google Partner status a company must be able to prove they have recurring advertising spend each month, which in effect means you need to have happy customers who are with you every month. We also have been audited by Google to ensure that we are following their guidelines and are adhering to the best practise recommendations. Finally we also need to have Google AdWords accredited staff members who work within the Bang Digital organisation as well (which we have several of).

At the end of the day if you are going to trust your hard earned advertising budget with a company, then really should’t it be with an accredited company that Google is happy to call a partner?

Get in touch with Bang Digital today if you want to learn more about what we can do for your company on Google AdWords.