QR Codes and How They Can Be Used

Quick Response codes are a two-dimensional code designed for camera enabled Smartphones to read. They work in a similar way to barcodes but because they are two-dimensional, they can contain a lot more information than a standard barcode. Once the code is scanned through a Smartphone application the person can be taken to a website, prompted to send an email/instant message or receive a vCard (a great way to store business cards on your phone). QR codes provide the reader the ability to get immediate access to what’s relevant and can give you the ability to connect instantly with your customers.

QR codes were created by Denso a member of the Toyota Group of companies but luckily they are not exercising their patent right which means it’s completely free to use!

Recently there has been an increase in the marketing use of QR codes and their ability to share a wide range of information is great.
QR codes are a fantastic way of sharing information and what better medium to share with than Facebook. Using a QR code generator such as Kaywa you can generate a code, attached it with a picture for Facebook and have people taken to your Facebook Page once the code has been scanned.

Try out our QR code on the right hand side and see what happens.

QR codes aren’t completely mainstream anymore and many people are still slightly puzzled by them, so why not use this mystery to your advantage and put a QR code on your office door – it’s sure to have your clients and colleagues intrigued.

Here are just some ideas on what a QR code could link to:

  • Instruction manual or clip
  • Directions to your business
  • Sources for replacements or services
  • Facebook Page
  • Your email
  • Your website
  • Free mp3 download

There are a whole bunch of different things you can link your QR code to, so why not give it a try today?
You can always contact Bang Online if you need any assistance.