Missile Mail Introduces RSS to Email

Okay, RSS to email may have been around for a while but this is a brand new way of feeding your RSS feed to youe email and we’re pretty excited about it!
RSS feeds work by placing a piece of code on your blog or news feed which can then be linked to other websites, so whenever new content is added to your blog, it automatically feeds through to the other websites or social media sites where you have added your blog feed.

How does RSS to email work?

RSS to email is a simple solution for keeping your customers/clients updated on anything new that’s happening in your business without all the work. If you have an RSS feed set up on your website and you update the news section, an email will be sent out to your recipients with the new content. This can happen daily, weekly or monthly.

Is it for me?

RSS to email is a feature we recommend for people who have a lot of content and are continuously producing ne
w content. If you are doing this, then RSS to email is an awesome feature to save you time and you can preview each email before it’s sent out to ensure it looks up to scratch.
RSS to email is also a great feature if you send out a regular newsletter and want the email populated automatically. Once Missile Mail has taken the content from your blog or news, you can log in and check the information is correct and looks visually appealing. You can always go back and make changes to the email campaign before it’s sent out to ensure it’s exactly what you want, or you can just let Missile Mail do the work and let it automatically send out.

How do I get it?

Bang Online Marketing can set up a template for you in Missile Mail that you only want to use for your RSS email sends. This works best if it’s a simple template with an image that can either be static or sourced from the new blog post. While more advanced templates can be created, the simpler the design of the template, the easier it will be for Missile Mail to automatically populate it with content
If you are interested in RSS to email, contact Bang Online Marketing on  (08) 9328 7000 or email [email protected].