Growing your business reach with Facebook Offers

Businesses now have access to Facebook Offers – for those who aren’t familiar, they’re new advertisements in which businesses offer a special or discount, giving fans the option to “claim” that offer which then entitles them to the discount or special. When a user claims an offer, it appears on the News Feeds of their friends, thus increasing your reach (and hopefully even encouraging others not connected to your page to Like you and claim the offer too). This is a great example of the exponential growth of reach that Offers can provide.

A huge advantage of Offers is the simple, one-click claim code – it requires minimal effort from your fans for them to benefit from your services, encouraging brand loyalty and repeat business. Once an offer has been claimed, fans are emailed by Facebook with instructions on how to redeem the offer and the expiration date, all of which terms are fully customisable. The option to specifically target certain demographics also exists, giving you control over your brand’s audience. And, like Promoted Posts, Offers are mobile friendly – a huge advantage especially for those businesses dealing in retail, where users can claim an Offer on the go, then redeem it immediately. Additionally, Facebook Insights allow you to analyse and measure the results of your Promoted Posts and Offers, helping you determine what works, what doesn’t work – and most importantly, what to do next time.

From there, you can even combine your two newfound marketing powers – Offers and Promoted Posts (as discussed in last week’s blog) – and promote your Facebook Offers. Freebies or specials will always win over a crowd, and the online crowd is no different. Promote your offer, and more people will claim it- delivering you more business, and more potential for repeat customers. What’s not to love?

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