Always Consider SEO When Creating New Website Copy

One of the best SEO tools available to businesses, that sometimes is overlooked, is website copy. This factor alone still is playing a large part in where they appear in search engines. When not taken into consideration at the copy writing stage, it can be a painstaking process to go through a website and optimise the copy to become more Google-friendly. Here are a few simple things that should be taken into consideration by copywriters when creating SEO friendly web content.

Keyword Integration

When people are searching for your business using specific keywords, Google looks for them in your website copy.  Making sure you know what keywords you should be using on your website is imperative to making it SEO friendly. From a customer’s point of view, figure out what they might be searching when looking for a business such as yours. Tools such as The Google Keyword planner can help you with your research. Make sure you don’t overuse keywords however, you still want your text to be readable – and it won’t do you any favours with Google!copywriting and seo

Quality Content

Well written content is unbeatable in any sense, but attention to detail is a big SEO plus. Small spelling and grammar mistakes can mean that your website is overlooked in searches, as is may exclude your site from meeting the searchers specific criteria. Major search engines are paying much more attention to the quality of the sites copy, meaning that they are now associating poor grammar more and more with spam.

Make sure brand names and products remain consistent in their spelling and form. Consider if there is a capital letter, apostrophe or spacing in your brand name, and the names of any associated brands on your website. Ensuring everything remains consistent, makes it much easier for people to find your business.

Keep up to date

Make sure your website is being constantly updated with new information, company news and offers. If you have a blog, it should be updated on a regular basis. If you need to, keep a record of when new content is posted so that you can plan when copy is put up. As with all other copy, you need to make sure that new posts are consistent with your specific branding and website “theme”.

This will also keep regular visitors informed, and is a good way to share information with current and prospective clients or leads.