Paid Directories: Are They Worth The Money?

Like with anything in SEO, there are always conflicting views with pretty much any aspect of on-page SEO or link building. Paid links to most people, if they are asked about whether they are good or bad for SEO, would more than likely say bad. While in a lot of cases this is 99% correct there are exceptions to this rule and many companies would benefit greatly with certain paid links.

I Thought Paid Links Were Always Bad In Google’s Eyes?

The simple answer here is no, this is not accurate. Buying a link for manipulating search engine results is what Google does not want you to do. There are some very high
quality directories, that have actually been around longer than Google has and so Google gives links from these domains a lot of authority.

It is also worth noting that the submission into the directories is not a paid link but they term it as a ‘review’ payment, meaning that submission of low quality spam sites is not permitted. This means that Google knows links that are accepted into the top quality directories have been manually reviewed and are of high quality.

So I Should Start Buying Links In All Directories?

Definitely not. While some paid links are good for your link profile, this is no means something you should do too much of. The directories that add value are quite low in number and also the cost can add up. They do offer good value to an overall link profile but they are just a ‘piece’ of the optimisation puzzle. Buying links from low quality directories is a sure fired way to lose SEO rankings.

Bang has developed a good list of Paid Links that we would endorse 100% for the following reasons:

– They are high quality, long standing, great domain authority and well designed.

– They are manually reviewed by humans, meaning that low quality website do not get in. (Note that Google knows this, so right away you separate your website into a higher quality category).

– They have been verified from multiple SEO authority sources such as and SEO Book.

Here is our little list:Paid links

Do These Paid Directory Links Get Me Better Results?

This completely depends on the keywords you are targeting and also the competition of the other competing websites. What these links will do is give you additional authority for your domain, grow your link profile and establish your domain with Google as a legitimate brand. Remember that low quality brands do not have the budget, or don’t want to spend money on these types of links. Again these are very positive signals to Google.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the impact it could have on your SEO results, then get in touch with the Bang Team today!