LinkedIn Company Page New Features

It has arrived! The much anticipated new LinkedIn company page format that is. According to Mike Grishaver, of LinkedIn’s Product Management and Monetisation, the update offers a more powerful way to build relationships with your target audience. Additionally from a usability perspective, LinkedIn’s objective is to create a greater experience for members within your respective company pages.

LinkedIn continues to be an ever dominating force with over 161 million registered users and more than two million company pages, reinforcing the fact it is the world’s largest professional social network.

Most businesses now have their company page set-up (if you don’t, time to get a move on); however don’t always have the page working as effectively as it should be. A company page should have quality original content, imagery and articles as a minimum. The benefits of a well established page are extensive, as it provides a platform to drive business and brand awareness.

Based on this, LinkedIn have now launched a number of new exciting features to company pages:

Showcase pages
This is a brilliant new feature where a company can create showcase pages, which are an extension of company pages where a business can showcase a particular brand, product/service or business unit. These pages allow a business to segment their followers based on their particular interest of the business at hand. A great example is Adobe, who have set-up pages for both Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud. Showcase pages’ navigation and features are very similar to company newsfeed pages, allowing for regular posts and being able to connect with followers. The page visually however provides a much larger space for the cover artwork – providing useful real estate for a business to showcase the offering. 

Post custom link images
When posting a link in your company page, you can now upload your own image to the post to ensure that it is relevant/visually acceptable. Previously LinkedIn use to automatically produce the image based on the link you’re posting, however it did not always appear as desired. This feature allows for much more control of the post visually.

Company Liking and Commenting
An additional exciting update is allowing companies to be able to like and comment on posts/discussions. This provides the opportunity for businesses to interact with their followers (like on Facebook), and subsequently get involved in group discussions where your brand can have a voice and raise its profile within relevant discussions.

These new features definitely provide businesses with more opportunity on LinkedIn – if you’d like to ensure your LinkedIn page is working effectively, get in touch with the Bang Online team.