What Position 1 on Google Really Means

We all know that being position 1 in Google organic search results is a good thing. It’s just one of those things that people know now, like how to take a selfie or that Ryan Gosling has surpassed Johnny Depp as the hottest man alive (a thank you to my lovely wife for that bit of information).

What most people don’t quite know however are the exponential differences in visitors to you website that being in position 1 over say, position 4 in Google organic search rankings can give you. Research conducted by online advertising network Search Engine Watch shows that position 1 rankings receive 33% of average traffic compared to 8.1% for position 4.

To take it further position 2 only receives just over half the traffic that position 1 receives at 18% and websites ranked in the top 5 positions of organic search results acquire 76% of the average overall traffic. See the breakdown of the top 15 positions below.


Again we know that first page results are extremely important, but the decline in traffic from page 1 to page 2 is staggering. Page 1 results generate 92% of all traffic in comparison to page 2 results, which generate only 5% of average traffic, this is equivalent to a single position 6 ranking.

Being Number 1 Isn’t Easy

Building your SEO rankings can be a slow process taking many months and quite frankly it isn’t easy. Businesses should be wary of SEO companies offering quick top of page guarantees. Google’s constant moving of the goals posts, (revisions to their algorithm) and businesses all fighting for the same real estate means that the SEO space is very competitive and cowboy techniques can have negative impacts for companies. Companies need to be realistic in their expectations for SEO, the difference between your rankings and a competitors can simply come down to the amount of time and budget that either party is willing to invest.

Overall these remarkable statistics highlight the importance of an SEO strategy for any business with an online presence (yes, unbelievably there are businesses out there without a website) and further reiterate the continued benefits of SEO to businesses who are already investing in this space. To learn more about SEO or how to increase traffic levels to your site, contact the team at Bang Online today.