Remarketing: is it just annoying, or does it really work?

Have you ever visited a website and then had adverts appear as you browse? This is known as remarketing which is the use of a simple code on your website that will ‘follow’ your site visitors once they have left your site.

Remarketing is a powerful marketing tool used that can help reach marketing goals, including generating brand awareness, increasing clicks to your website and, most importantly, driving conversions. It typically produces a higher return on investment than other digital marketing tactics, because you are targeting people who already know and are interested in your business.

So should your business be using remarketing? The statistics speak for themselves.

remarketingIt is important for your remarketing to be strategic so you don’t end up annoying potential customers. This means not hitting people who visited your website a long time ago and hitting them all the time, you should also ensure the ad is directed to a relevant landing page.

Remarketing can also be used in conjunction with email campaigns, this can be achieved by uploading your email marketing list to spread marketing messages to people who didn’t open your email campaign, or as a reminder to people who did open your campaign.

Used in conjunction with a wider digital marketing strategy, including AdWords, display advertising, content marketing and social media – remarketing has the potential to hone in on customers who have shown interest in your website but haven’t gone on to convert. It can also be used to remind existing customers of your product or service and encourage them to make another purchase. If used strategically, it doesn’t need to be an ‘annoyance’ to potential customers, but can act as a helpful reminder.

Depending on your website, and online objectives, there is a range of different ways that we can assist with including remarketing into your strategy. Contact the team at Bang Online Marketing and start remarketing now.