Bang Digital promotes a healthy workplace with a staff wellbeing program

It’s a new month and as we are now in a larger space, we thought we would start kicking with a wellness program to promote a healthy workplace environment. The new program will help us achieve some fitness goals, and of course – have fun at the same time!

Studies have shown that employee wellness programs are linked to greater productivity, lower absenteeism and reduced health care costs in the long term. Creating a healthy workplace environment and a culture of wellness at work is the best place to start.

With most Australian adults spending almost half of their day at work, it makes sense to introduce a healthy lifestyle at work to address health and wellbeing issues. Employee morale, stress in the workforce, as well as lifestyle risk factors such as smoking, drinking, lack of physical activity and excess weight all contribute significantly to absenteeism, sick leave and high staff turnover.

As we are a fun, energetic and sociable bunch this was the best way to hang out in a non-work related form while getting fit. We do love our cocktail hour hang outs also!


We have teamed up with the lovely ladies from Sense of Space, who come into our office once a week for a one hour pilates session. During our first week we focused on posture, and releases we can use throughout the day to help with back or neck strain – which is perfect for us desk dwellers.

Not only is it an educational and relaxing class, it’s also a good laugh with all staff attending.

Also to be included in our weekly wellness program is Bang’s Bootcamp hosted by a personal trainer in Kings Park.  Classes will be varied to suit individual fitness levels and to step up the intensity to get our bikinis bodies ready for summer!