If your website went down tomorrow, what insurance policy would you have in place?

If your website went down tomorrow, what insurance policy would you have in place?

It only takes a second for your website to be compromised. How much time would pass though, before it’s brought to your attention? How many leads will you lose? Are you paying by the click for these leads? Who can you call that will drop everything and run damage control on the infected site? How much will you pay them by the hour? Is there a clean back-up of your website stored in a secure location?

Gone are the days when a password containing one capital letter and a few numbers was enough to secure your website. It’s a great start, but it is by no means enough. As the ever-evolving digital landscape facilitates new and exciting opportunities for your business to flourish, so do new and increasingly complex threats emerge. In the last year alone, Google have reported a 180% increase in the number of websites getting hacked. Why?

In the many hours we have spent frantically sifting through infected websites and speaking to distressed business owners, we have had the pleasure of observing the following key ingredients in this recipe for digital disaster:

  • No one was monitoring the integrity of the website. The WordPress core was not up to date along with many of the plugins, this is the number one reason a site is compromised.
  • No back-ups. This requires a manual clean of the existing infected site; a tedious process which can take hours.
  • Only one back-up which is saved locally, is infected, and is un-usable.

In the scope of things, ensuring your website software is kept up to date and backed up is not an overly difficult task. The taxing part, however, is maintaining this policy indefinitely. It is costing you time, and as a business owner you understand that time is money.

The cost of a maintenance program is largely outweighed by the cost to your business if your website went down. In addition to that, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing someone else is looking after all the technical stuff for you, so you can focus on other areas.

In an ideal situation, you would want someone manually monitoring the site on a weekly basis. This person would ensure the WordPress core and plugins are updated weekly, the site is backed up weekly, the database is backed up daily, an automated mal-ware scan is configured, and a manual scan is completed monthly. You want someone with the skill-set, the experience, and the inventory to ensure this doesn’t happen, and that if it does, it goes away quickly.

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