It looks good, but does it work?

In the digital marketing landscape, the end goal of any communication is a click-through and a conversion. To get these conversions, marketing professionals can adopt any appropriate combination from the vast list of methods available to us today.

If you employ the use of emails, a website, social media or google advertising for example as a marketing tool you will at some stage require the need for visual communication design.

It’s a trap!

There’s no shortage of designers with the technical skillset to produce amazing-looking visuals.

It’s important to bear in mind however that it’s entirely possible to end up with a great looking design that, from a business standpoint, doesn’t actually work. Don’t be so captivated by the creative appeal of an idea that you’re unable to objectively evaluate how well it can perform for you.

Form follows function

What’s the point in painting a great looking picture, if it’s the wrong picture? The intricate brush strokes and shading on that Labrador is exceptional, but the research indicates your audience actually prefer cats.

You want conversions, and to get them, you need to be clear. If your marketing material fails to convey a clear message to your consumer, then it doesn’t work.

Maintain good form

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can paint the correct picture of a cat, but with sloppy brush strokes and careless shading.

No matter how much time and money you invest into market research to determine what to say and who to say it to, if it isn’t visually engaging, your conversion rate will surely suffer.

Find the balance

Successful marketing communication requires both creative thinking at an ideation stage, and objective analysis to cull and mould the ideas into workable solutions. These solutions will not only convey your message and align with your brand; they’ll be driven by well-refined creative direction also. This is the balance that delivers optimal results.

For your next email, social media, or google display campaign, invest in the kind of design that’s not only well-produced, but solidifies your brand’s presence in the marketplace also.