Why you should add A/B testing to your social media strategy

A/B testing isn’t just restricted to websites, email campaigns or AdWords. You can and should start using A/B testing for your social campaigns to take the guesswork out of optimising your ads.

A/B testing involves running several variations of your ad at any given time, with each ad having a subtle variation. This strategy can optimise your ROI and help you reach your targets faster, whether it be website conversions, engagement or impressions.

With social media advertising, whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, there are endless ways to advertise your product or service. There are so many ad types, potential offers and audiences to test it can become easy to feel overwhelmed and run the same ads over and over again. Sometimes what you think might be the best performing ad can be drastically improved with a few minor changes.  

Here are just some of the variables you can split test across the major social media platforms:

  • Audience targeting – this can range from age, gender, location, interests, lookalike audiences, website visitors, email databases etc.
  • Landing pages
  • Images
  • Ad types – there are several Facebook and Instagram ad types, LinkedIn only have two ad types and Twitter have four ad types
  • Ad copy
  • And much more!

By reviewing the ad performance on a regular basis, you can see what is working and what isn’t. The results may surprise you. A simple change can make a huge difference to the end result. At the end of each test, make sure you take time to review the experiment. Your findings should inform future tests, allowing you to make ongoing improvements.

Be careful though: it is easy to run too many ads at once which can make your campaign really complex and reduce the overall impact of your campaign. It can also mean that the budget is spread too thinly across the ads which will make the results less reliable. Before committing to A/B testing on social make sure you have enough media spend and enough time to run the tests.

If you would like to start split testing your social media ads, get in touch with us today.