Cheers to 10 years at Bang Digital!

Our calendars are circled, our alarms are set and we are ready to celebrate 10 years of Bang Digital on April 7th. It’s been an amazing ride so far at Bang, from the clients we’ve had to the friendships we’ve built with employees both past and present. It really is true what they say – time flies when you’re having fun.

In order to celebrate a decade of Bang Digital, we wanted to take a step down memory lane to see where we started and where we are today. From the initial steps from Managing Director Renae, to now being a business of 15 employees, Bang Digital has grown exponentially so let’s have a look at how it came to be.

Where Bang started: In April 2007, the concept of Bang Digital (at the time known as Bang Online) was born. Managing Director, Renae Lunjevich arrived in Perth 7 months prior to the birth of Bang Online and was looking for work in the digital space. While she was looking, she saw a gap in the market for a digital agency with solid marketing foundations and decided to go out on her own. Securing herself a desk in a local web development firm, Renae set about becoming Google certified.

2008 By September 2008, Bang had employed two new team members. Now a team of three, the team secured themselves St John Ambulance as a client who we still work with to this day. Bang had also gained the business of AICT, State Swim and Wesfarmers.

2009 – After two years of operation, we were ready to spread our wings and move our growing team to an office space above Sayers Cafe in the heart of Leederville.  During this time, both the team and the client base was on the rise. After a few years of working together, Bang and St John Ambulance were finalists in the AMI social marketing award. Although St John didn’t take out the final prize they were over the moon at being finalists in a new category for them.

2010 Working for client WFI, Bang made its first ‘mini’ website for the company’s Yabby Rain campaign. This helped kick start Bang’s website development which is now a major part of the business.

2011 With our client base growing, we decided it was time to expand our team. Welcoming four new members to our team and our very first social media expert, we were ready to take on new clients and project. In 2011, we welcomed Damien to our team who is still with us today.

2012 – In the first month of 2012, Bang Digital reached its first 80 clients. This was a major milestone for Bang and gave us the motivation to continue increasing our client base and expanding our services – which we continue to do to this day!

2013 –  Now with over 100 clients, running the team efficiently and retaining information become a top priority. We installed Accelo to help us manage our client activity, and gained transparency across the business. Jon and Renae spent a solid weekend setting up the system that we have now successfully managed over 1,900 projects through.  

We saw a distinct gap in the market with regards to information about WA business and digital marketing. So in 2013 we launched our inaugural WA digital marketing survey, and reported back to the WA market on where individuals are investing their marketing budgets in when it comes to digital.

2014 – Our esteemed leader decided to create a future digital expert herself, and Poppy was born. Freddy took the reins of the business that year, and in conjunction with Jon and Brad, did an amazing job at keeping the business ticking along as she took the back seat for a few months (only taking a few days off the laptop though :)).

2015 – Looking for a change, what was once known as Bang Online became Bang Digital. This change reflected the full range of services that were now offered including website and mobile app development. The name wasn’t the only change at Bang, due to its growth the team at Bang moved from Leederville to Subiaco which gave everyone their own offices – Yay! We officially became grown ups.

2016 – Bang Digital launched the Perth Royal Show website, a very exciting project for our website development team. Our web development team quadrupled in size as we became positioned to develop larger website projects, with a focus on business systems, and delivering on marketing objectives.

2017 – Bang turns 10! On April 7th of this year Bang Digital has been operating for an entire decade and what an amazing ride it has been. This year we have been awarded the business of some big clients, and have worked to grow and retain the ones we have, which has meant we were able to expand once again and add new team members.

We’d like to give a massive thank you to all the supporters of Bang Digital over the years. To our clients, we wouldn’t be here after 10 years without you. We appreciate every opportunity you have given us and the trust you place in our team to look after your brand. To the team at Bang both past and present, thank you for your hard work and for making it easy to come into work everyday.

It’s only going to keep getting better for Bang from here on out. We can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring.

Now it’s time to celebrate!

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