Senses Australia launches new website

At Bang, we love helping WA businesses realise their full digital potential. We recently helped one of our clients, Senses Australia, launch their new and improved website. As one of Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisations, Senses have been providing world-class disabilities services to the WA community for the last 120 years.

Now, they needed a website that reflected this and to reach all the children, adults and seniors, as well as their family members, teachers and significant others, that they helped every day.

Working with Bang

Working with the wonderful team at Senses, Bang was able to help the NFP introduce their new brand to its customers and clients, both existing and potential.

“We came to Renae, Brad and the team at Bang Digital wanting to launch a new and improved website to introduce our new brand to our clients. Disability services in Australia is changing and so is Senses, so it was very important to develop a fresh new look and feel for our 120-year-old brand,” said Emma Kerley of Senses Australia.

“We are passionate about our people, our services and the people who receive them. Our new look is all about who we are we’re all about the people, so we wanted to make sure our website demonstrated this ‘passionate partnership’. Bang was able to help us create a more contemporary and inclusive website that reflected our core values and now we are able to move forward with our fabulous staff and clients into this exciting new chapter of Senses Australia.”

The Importance of a Consistent Brand Image

With an emphasis on re-branding, we had to ask ourselves: What makes a great brand image? Is it design? It is content? Is it the general mood and feel? The answer is all of the above and more.

In simple terms, a brand is what people think about you and the impressions they form when they hear or see your name. The experiences a person has with your brand will influence their attitudes and opinions of your company. So whether you’re a global corporation or a small business, without good branding, you will quickly be forgotten. Basically, if you have an audience, you’re going to need a brand.

The key to building a successful brand is all about consistency. It’s this consistency that leads to client and customer reliability and trust. So when it comes to your marketing efforts, the importance of a consistent brand image mustn’t be overlooked. Otherwise, you run the risk of being lost in the crowd.

Bang’s Top Tips for Creating a Consistent Brand Image

  1. Visual Scheme. When it comes to choosing the visual scheme that will be associated with your company’s name, it’s important to put your best foot forward. The use of typefaces, colour palette, images and layout together is an integral part of your brand’s development process. When used together effectively, they should encapsulate a brand’s essence and evoke a certain emotion or feeling from your clients and customers. So take your time and make sure that your design matches your desired brand identity.
  2. Professionalism. Language is how you communicate with your clients and customers and should be consistent across all digital platforms, including your website, email and social media. So make sure you choose the appropriate voice that speaks to your target audience and delivers your brand’s message the most effectively.
  3. User Friendly. When it comes to your website, it needs to be user-friendly above everything else. If it isn’t user friendly, your customers will be turned off and won’t stick around long enough to be converted back. The best way to go about your website is making sure there are enough features to help customers find information as quickly as possible.

When re-branding the Senses website, we wanted to ensure the new layout was inclusive for all users. Making sure the website was accessible to all and easy to navigate was integral, especially given Senses’ target audience. Features included the ability to change the contrast to normal, yellow and black, black and white and text only, and the text size from small, regular and large. The website also included plenty of links and downloadable content from information pamphlets to annual reports.

Are you looking to launch or re-launch your company’s website? Bang has a passionate and experienced team of web developers and digital experts who will work with you every step of the way to ensure a consistent brand image across your website and other digital platforms. Contact us today.