Benefits of working with a local Perth agency

The decision to outsource your digital marketing is not an easy one. You may have several reasons for engaging a digital partner.

Whether you’re building a new website or redesigning an existing one, developing a new marketing plan or simply need advice to grow your business, your number one priority is having an expert digital partner that you can trust.

Not being able to trust your digital marketing with an agency is like sending your child to a school run by animals – nonsensical and confusing, with your baby coming out the other side as a gargantuan orangutan, metaphorically speaking.

Instead, you should feel as though you’re placing your profitable creation in the hands of its digital godparents, where it will be nurtured, cared for and encouraged to grow in its individual way.

There are three key factors you should consider when you’re deciding who to entrust in the world of digital marketing:

  • Communication
  • Local insights
  • Quality versus cost


Knowing and connecting with your digital partner means that you’re both working towards a common goal, and there’s no room for second-guessing your strategy. There are a number of individual elements that may impact your ability to communicate with a digital partner, including timezone and language.

Language is a no-brainer. You can’t very well communicate your requirements, challenges and objectives without language, particularly if you’re communicating across phone or email. This includes discrepancies and inconsistencies in the English language that you might find across continents.

In terms of timezones, when it comes to checking on your business, it makes sense to be in the same time zone. To bring back the metaphor of letting your business to be managed by a third party, even if that party is exciting and eccentric aunt East Coast, it can be challenging to feel comfortable when you don’t hear back for several hours or even days due to misaligned schedules. 

Aside from the obvious communication perks, another benefit to engaging with a local digital partner is expanding your local insights through the partnership.


Local Insights

No matter your industry, local insights are beneficial not only to leverage an understanding of customers, but also knowing your competitors and other local businesses, or the industry in relevant to you. A digital agency with local insights will especially help you not only define your target audience, but also to relate to the way your target audience act in real life

As prevalent as data is these days, what we find can lack is a business’ basic understanding of their customer. With customer insights based on data that is relevant to you and your business goals, and has been tried and tested, you achieve better customer engagement which benefits the bottom line.

This ties in well with your local agencies knowing local businesses and your competitors. What local business and your competitors are doing online, what they’re offering and how they’re engaging with their audiences can assist you not only to make business decisions but also to stand out. 

If you’re starting your business in a certain industry, new to embracing digital marketing, or simply refreshing your strategy, an awareness of the industry in your geographical location is essential. This is just about as important as knowing your audience and comes with similar benefits as leveraging your understanding of how the industry operates.

Once you’ve identified an agency that aligns with your communication and geographical requirements, it’s time to weigh up the quality of work you can expect versus your investment.


Quality Versus Cost

In order to define the efficiency and effectiveness of your ideal business partner, it can be helpful to identify what they mean to you. You’re the business owner, therefore you are in control of judging what achievements really are for your business and its digital marketing activity. Several factors affect efficiency and effectiveness, such as time, cost and quality of work.

When defining achievements for the expectation of time that communication, project rollout or result gathering takes, we avoid the use of the word timeliness. This is because well, we all have the same amount of time in a day; 24 hours, 7 days a week. However, the utilisation of that time is what is important in a partnership, especially one as delicate as that which is looking after your digital presence. 

The more time you spend briefing in your business and goals, conveying the scope of the work and monitoring its progress directly correlates to increasing costs. You’d be more than happy to invest where investment is warranted though, right? This brings us to the quality of the work, which either takes a certain time to develop, or has certain time allocated to it, and costs a certain amount. 

If you’ve outlined a clear scope of work that is being met or exceeded within your budget and within a reasonable timeframe, efficiently and effectively, then you have a well-balanced agreement that is delivering outcomes directly benefiting your business. It’s a fact.

Are you ready to weigh up your options? Maybe it’s time to consider a local Perth agency such as Bang Digital who can become your partners not only in business but in growth as well. Get in touch with us today to start the conversation.