Features from the 2020 Digital Marketing Report

The 2020 WA Digital Marketing Report is here! Bringing with it valuable insights into the digital marketing sphere and what this means for WA-based businesses. You can download the full report here, but the key insights we found interesting are going to be discussed below.

Something that is super important to consider is that the survey and findings were put together prior to COVID-19 impacting businesses and customers alike. Short-term behaviours have changed, but the insights are as valuable as ever with digital coming to the forefront during this pandemic.

Understanding the customer

Only 46% of companies were conducting regular surveys of their customers, 40% conducted customer journey mapping and 38% have KPIs around the customer experience. There is still a huge opportunity for businesses to set themselves apart from the competition by engaging in CRO and CJ works with less than half engaging in it.

What was particularly interesting from these figures was that 82.4% of respondents said they had a clear understanding of what customers wanted from them. That is a big difference from the 46% surveying customers.

Based on the WA DMR findings, we recommend that companies push themselves to survey the customer and see how results could improve with adjustments to the customer journey and experience.

Automation underutilised

Automation is nothing new in digital marketing and is a powerful tool. It can save you and your team’s time while improving customer relationships and your bottom line. Staggeringly, 50.4% of businesses aren’t using any automation.

Automation can range from an auto-response when somebody completes the enquiry form on your website, letting them know when they can expect a response and what the next steps are, to abandoned cart emails prompting users to finalise a purchase.

If you aren’t already, setting up automation for your business can have a big impact on its success, putting you ahead of the competition.

Advanced tracking for eCommerce businesses

We were blown away at the 56.2% of eCommerce businesses without advanced analytics tracking! If you’re an eCommerce business looking to take things to the next level, this should be your first step.

Understanding user behaviour through funnels, abandon rates, etc. are integral for business success in the eCommerce world as they allow you to stop leaks, and increase revenue and number of sales.

Summarising the insights

The above shows that there are huge opportunities for businesses to take the lead in their industry if they put behind-the-scenes procedures and strategies in place this year.

With the majority of businesses not utilising these tools, it is your time to shine! You have the potential to be a game-changer in your industry and set the standard for what others strive for, and the first steps are asking customers what they want, automation and tracking the right data.

So how do you stack up against your competitors? If you need assistance identifying where these tools can be utilised in your business, we’d love to chat with you. To start the conversation, reach out to our team here >>

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