November 9, 2015

Lead Ads: Facebook’s newest ad tool

November 9, 2015

Lead Ads: Facebook’s newest ad tool

Lead Ads: Facebook’s newest ad tool

Facebook has rolled out an exciting new advertising format called lead ads.Lead ads let people submit a contact form directly on Facebook. Forms can be created for a huge range of business objectives, from signing up to newsletters, requesting quotes, to booking appointments. Potential customers can submit these forms without ever needing to leave Facebook, ensuring a smooth and customer-friendly process.

How it works: Two Taps

When someone clicks on the button in a lead ad, a form opens with pre-populated fields from information they have shared on their Facebook profile (i.e. their email address, name and company). This makes the form completion process much easier and faster. Users need to click once on the ad to open the form and click once more to submit the auto-filled form.If the user’s Facebook information is out of date, they have the option of editing the pre-filled information. Lead ads make it much easier for customers to give you their information. This has a huge potential for delivering higher conversion rates and reducing dropout rates on form submissions.What’s more, if you don’t have a landing page for an offer you are promoting, you can create a simple lead form on Facebook instead.


Advertisers can have Facebook auto-fill on any of the below information, as long as the users have provided it in their profiles.

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Street Address
  • Phone
  • Zip
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Company Name

Helpful for mobiles

These days people expect to do just about everything on their mobile phones. It’s not nearly as easy to complete forms from a phone as it is from a desktop, but now with two taps the process is much more mobile friendly.

Storage of leads

The leads are stored on Facebook under the “Leads Library”. The leads can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, or they can be integrated with CRM systems including Salesforce.

Privacy still applies

Data collected from leads ads can only be sent to advertisers with the user’s approval, and Facebook can only extract information provided on the user’s profile.Advertisers are required to provide a clear privacy policy up front that is embedded within the ad. Facebook also has strict rules requiring that advertisers do not re-sell information collected from these ads.In the coming weeks, lead ads will be available in new formats, including video and carousel. They will also be made available on desktop, so businesses can collect leads from people on any device.To discuss how Lead Ads could benefit your company get in touch with the team at Bang here or give us a call on (08) 9328 7000.