Datapop // Marketing automation solution

Marketing automation software designed to help you close the gap on your marketing to sales process


Have you been on the hunt for a way to manage your databases intelligently and effectively? A way to identify opportunities to generate more leads, improve overall customer engagement and see a great return on investment for your digital marketing spend?

Look no further than Bang Digital’s DataPop Sales Automation Solution – our powerful new marketing automation software designed to help you close the gap on your marketing to sales process and get the results you desire.

By allowing you to see the end to end process from lead generation to sale completion, you are now able to focus on and achieve your business goals while DataPop’s marketing automation takes care of the rest.

Our DataPop service includes a live demonstration to give you a clear understanding of how our software can smoothly integrate with your business, implementation on your website, and ongoing monitoring and analysis to make data-driven decisions on improving your sales and marketing funnel.

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At Bang, we understand that as a business owner or manager you have a lot on your plate already – having to find new prospective customers, turn them into sales and figure out what’s working for your company and what isn’t. While the challenge can be overwhelming, DataPop makes it easy.

We’re here to help. With a base level starting at $550 per month for the software, DataPop and Bang Digital can provide you with the suite of tools and management services needed to help you skyrocket your sales and marketing process.

If you’re ready to find out what marketing automation can do for your business, get in touch with Bang Digital today.