Brand reputation management

Do you know what people are saying about you and your business?

Make sure you are involved in the conversation around your brand.

Your brand. You work hard to make people aware of it. But did you know there could be conversations being had about you online? All it takes is one bad review or negative comment to tarnish your brand reputation.

With over one billion names searched on Google every day, these results become increasingly important, especially when potential customers are looking for information about you and your company.

The reality is we live in a search-happy world, which means before anyone decides to do business with you, they will first look you up online. And what they find has a huge impact, for better or worse.

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Be proactive and take care of your digital footprint

Online brand reputation management is all about keeping an eye on your brand, and responding in a timely and effective manner.

Here at Bang we have helped clients with

Development of risk management plans for major incidents

Monitoring social media conversations

Monitoring key brand terms and director names online

Sharing positive social media conversations and responding to negative ones

Managing negative reviews that appear for your brand in the search engine results