Chatbot Balloon

Chatbots are tools used to deliver automated communications to the customer based on the information provided.

They are an example of what is referred to as Conversational Commerce, where users interact with businesses using more natural, conversation-like platforms to complete their goal.

The more natural and easier the conversation, the more likely it is the customer will convert.

Chatbots can vary in complexity, but a well thought out bot can provide significant benefits to both the customer and the business.

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Benefits of chatbots include:

  • Always-on - once set up, chatbots are always on so a customer will never have to wait for support or feedback.
  • Personalised Experience - the more information given to the chatbot, the more personalised the customer's experience can become, leading to more conversions.
  • Cross-Channel Application - beyond just a website application, once built a chatbot can be deployed across multiple channels including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Lead Generation Tool - data captured during the chatbot can feed directly into your CRM or email platform and allow you to build out an advanced profile of the customer.
  • Integrated Experience - the best chatbot strategy is one that integrates with the broader customer journey. Using data gathered we can trigger personalised emails, advertising and other communications.
  • Cost Savings - the more users engaging with a chatbot the less are going to email, submit forms and call, freeing you up to work on other tasks.
  • Improved Customer Experience - a good chatbot makes it significantly easier for users to complete their goal, leading to a greater experience with the brand and a higher likelihood of conversion.

Uses & industries

While chatbots are an amazing tool, they are not suited for every purpose. Sometimes a simple form may suffice, other times for more complex problems a human intervention is required.

Previous clients that we have worked with implementing chatbots have seen terrific success including:

  • Lead generation chatbot with a conversion rate of 16.32%
  • Information chatbot that increased key action plan downloads by 73%

There are a number of cases where chatbots perform particularly well:

  • Customer Service - for current customers who have support questions a chatbot can guide them to the correct documentation or escalate to human support as required.
  • Lead Generation - for prospective customers this can provide answers to frequently asked questions while gathering information on what the user is looking for and eventually capture their details as a lead.
  • Appointment Booking - facilitate booking appointments with the business from within the chatbot, capturing all the necessary details and triggering follow up communication automations.
  • Online orders or purchases - chatbots can integrate with e-commerce and payment platforms to serve products within the bot and facilitate purchase in the customer's channel of choice.