Digital design creative

Utilising creativity to deliver results. We aren't just focused on the pretty things. Our design works.


Creative (graphic design)

It’s not about winning awards. It’s about developing a compelling creative that will engage the customer and effectively deliver our customers results. Sure our graphic design team could produce animated unicorns playing Stairway to Heaven on a trombone while riding the Millennium Falcon – and that would be awesome.

But we here at Bang Digital are all about results. When it comes to graphic design our ethos is to keep it simple, make it interactive and engaging and most importantly tailor for your business needs.

Whether it be designing email templates, mobile websites, microsites or banners for advertising display networks we’ve got you covered.


Content marketing can take on many forms – however, one of the most engaging of these forms is video content-  it’s eagerly consumed and can effectively convey your message in a short span of time.

Video marketing represents the beautiful union of information and entertainment that captivates your audience in a way that text and graphics alone simply cannot. And with advertising mediums such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube now offering the capability to integrate 15 – 30 second videos for a low cost, there’s huge potential.

Want to take it even further? Make your videos interactive and drive traffic to your website by letting your audience click through. What’s more, video not only engages your audience, but encourages them to share – and that’s truly powerful.

Banner Ads Perth

Banner ads

You would have seen them everywhere. The advertising banners on websites that we all frequent. Some are good, and others aren’t. Ours? Without honking our own horn too much – are awesome. Why are ours so great? Because they get results.

Whether it’s a one of a kind animated graphic or a simple clean design stating the facts we will identify the best strategy for your business. With years of experience in the design of animated and static banners for all different advertising networks Bang Digital will be able to create the perfect suite of banners to match your digital marketing campaign, branding and overall strategy.