Search Engine Optimisation

Make your presence felt on search engines. We can help you stand out from the crowd.

Make search engines like you.

We know what Google, Yahoo and Bing like, and we make sure your website is made visible to the search engines through best practise SEO tactics.  We also make sure that your marketing message isn’t compromised in our SEO strategy. There’s no point driving traffic to your website if it reads like a list of keywords. The integrity of your website is important to us.  We are clever in how we get SEO results, and quick about it too.

In Australia, 92% of the search engine traffic comes from Google. Abiding by Google’s rules is important – let’s face it, you don’t want to make Google angry. Before we implement any new SEO strategies, we test to make sure Google likes what we do. We also keep up to date with global search trends so we can apply to our clients SEO services locally.An SEO strategy is different for every client, however they do follow similar tactics.

As we say, SEO is different for every single client, so if you have any questions, or would like us to give our feedback on your website and what we can help achieve for you, then get in touch with us today!


Have a look at what Bang Digital looks to do when it comes to SEO and your company:


A keyword analysis based on manual searches, past search data, your industry knowledge and if you have utilised Google AdWords before, then search data from past reports. The foundation of all quality SEO strategies is in the keyword analysis, so we ensure we provide a robust and well thought out list for all our clients.

On-page SEO

One of our key focuses at Bang Digital is to make sure your ‘on-page’ SEO is up to the current Google Guidelines and best practises. We take extra time to develop effective title tags, unique meta descriptions, SEO content recommendations, alt tags (image optimisation), effective content inter-linking, site structure recommendations, optimisation of on-page URL’s where possible and conversion optimisation recommendations.

Local listings

We will look to ensure that all the essential directory links have been set-up from well established and high quality directories such as Hot Frog, BrownBook etc. These are important ranking factors for local search results and also are good foundations to develop an advanced link profile for your company with.

Social signals

Over the last few years the rise of social media has begun to influence Google Search results much more heavily. Many companies we work with already have social platforms in place (which is great).

We will provide additional recommendations so that you are getting all the SEO benefits possible from your social media activity. If you don’t have any social media marketing happening, it’s OK, we have you covered on that as well.

Link building

One thing we all know is link building is very important for SEO. Doing good link building is not easy, but it is essential if you want to avoid the crack of Google’s whip and risk a penalty.

Bang Digital looks to develop a diverse link profile utilising various white hat techniques such as guest blogging, niche directories, industry website engagement, social bookmarking, content marketing, infographic distribution and competitor link profile analysis.

Content development

Developing on-site content is very important for successful SEO results, so we look to either help develop content each month for your site or provide SEO recommendations to your existing content. Remember Google looks to return the freshest most relevant results, so if you have a regularly updated blog then you will have an edge on the competition who neglect this!

Full site review

With so many years’ experience in SEO, we have cultivated some really good insights as to what Google likes. We will highlight any site structure issues, coding issues and do a full audit of Google Search Console to see if there are any red flags impacting your online performance.

Goal development

The heavy focus Bang Digital gives to goals is what separates us from other online marketing agencies. We aim to develop firm goals for all our clients such as enquiries, transactions or downloads. By setting goals up from the start we can measure the performance of our SEO services and which keywords are giving you, the client, the best ROI.


Depending on a clients requirements we provide monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly reports on SEO activities. Again something that really is unique to Bang Digital is that our reporting is ‘non-automated’ and our online marketing professionals will give an update on activities, performance and planned actions.