UX audits

Want a way to pinpoint the less-than-perfect areas of your website? Regular UX audits are a great way to reveal which parts of your site are causing headaches for users and improve conversions for long-term success.

Take care of your website

We know that visitors find us in the search engines and that they interact with our website. But at some point, they don’t convert, and it’s not always clear why. It might be time to update the information hierarchy or the user flows – but how do we know what needs rejigging and what doesn’t?

While websites are originally designed and built according to best practice, regular UX (User Experience) Audits looking into actual visitor activity and pathways to conversion are the best way to ensure that your website is achieving optimal results.

At Bang Digital, we conduct a UX audit of website performance and provide recommendations for improvement to assist in ensuring that there are no barriers to the conversion that can be prevented.

Our services

UX audits offer heuristics-based recommendations for improvements. Ultimately, a UX audit should let you know how to boost conversions by making it easier for users to achieve their goals on your site. Some of the services we offer as part of our UX audit include:


Benchmark KPIs: Will establish the starting point and goal target levels to be achieved. These will be broken down by specific channels and objectives.

Conversion analysis: Will involve the top conversion pathways and overlaying these with data from what is happening on the live site, using heat map tracking of visitors.

Site engagement: Will be identified using engagement tracking software to map out any challenges and sticking points where people are dropping off. From this we will provide design mockups that can be used to guide the web team on improvements (both desktop and mobile).

Customer journey mapping: By persona will demonstrate the campaign > site > conversion process to further identify opportunities for site improvements.

Site speed: An essential part of CRO and regular audits will ensure that any issues are addressed promptly.

A post audit improvement review: Will be conducted after the recommendations have been implemented, and a new UX score calculated to show the impact made.