One Channel – Changing the face of YouTube

YouTubeThis month YouTube has rolled out a major makeover to its channels called One Channel. The design has been in the works for a while and has popped up on a number of high profile channels such as EpicMealTime and LOUD which has served as a teaser.

So whats it all about? One Channel is a great step in the direction of customising and branding your YouTube channel in a way that hasn’t been available before. Visually it draws from Facebook pages which make it easier for both users and designers to navigate and understand. The layout has been tweaked but there are three main features that look to be the big difference makers:

Channel art

Where previously YouTube channels have been limited to only having a customisable background and avatar now you can upload Channel Art – a huge (2120x1192px) image which sits above your channels content, much like a Facebook pages cover photo.

This is a really great development as not only does it allow a designated space for creative branding but the layout is also responsive, so different sections of the image display depending on the viewing device. The channel art guidelines show what will be displayed on different devices, from mobile all the way up to the YouTube app on a TV.


Acting as a landing page this new feature allows you to use a feature video which will be displayed to all visitors who aren’t yet subscribers to your channel. This is one of the big tools that YouTube hopes will drive a more channel based experience as opposed to bouncing around from video to video.

The trailer video is an advertising space of sorts where you can promote your content and channel to try and draw in new subscribers, which will be great in terms of building a brand presence on YouTube.

Unique content

According to YouTube the new One Channel allows you to ‘Take greater control over how you present your videos and playlists on your channel’. This basically means that you can create sections within your channel for different videos, whether they be your own or others. The layout of these sections can in turn be modified to best display the particular content in that section, such as lists, feature videos and so on.

Really this is a feature that should have been a part of YouTube channels for a long time as everyone likes organised content, however its better late than never.

The new YouTube One Channel is aesthetically pleasing and has a number of features that are probably overdue but moreso it really marks a shift in the way in which not only content will be viewed but the way brands will be able to develop an identity and leverage it.