Adwords Enhanced Campaigns – What We Need To Know

Google Adwords recently launched a new update called Enhanced campaign. It gives advertisers the ability to manage their Google Adwords bids across devices, location and time of the day, all within the same campaign. With the end user in mind, Google has designed this system to enhance the customer experience regardless of the location and the device used although it could be in reality a way to push the mobile bid prices up. The fact is that mobile usage has grown exponentially in the past couple of years and Enhanced Campaign is just a logical end to the market trends. Here is a summary of what you really need to know about Enhanced Campaigns:

The changes are not compulsory yet

Campaigns don’t have to be migrated immediately as the rollover will start on the 22nd of July, date on which all the campaigns will be automatically upgraded from legacy to enhanced. This will give you enough time to familiarize yourself with the new Adwords system. Also, you are not obliged to run a campaign on mobile devices. Simply set the bid modifier for mobile to -100% and that will do the trick.

End of Mobile Specific Campaigns

This is certainly the biggest change most advertisers have been reluctant about: not being able to run a mobile-only campaign. This is especially inconvenient for advertisers using a different strategy and budget for mobile targeted campaigns. With the new format, your only option is to spend a greater or lesser percentage of your budget on mobile devices using the bid modifier.

Set Ad Extensions at the Ad Group Level

This applies to sitelinks and call extensions. Particularly useful, if you wish to promote different pages under one product/service category (i.e: selling different models within the same product range).

Location Targeting

One campaign can now targets many locations with different bid modifiers. For example, you could bid 50% higher for an area within 5 km radius of your shop and decrease the bid for more distant locations. However, it is still recommended to create separate campaigns based on the geo-targeting if you want to keep control of the budgets allocated to each location.

How to Upgrade

Google Adwords has just launched a new upgrade center designed to facilitate the process. Accessible from the left-hand side bar on the campaigns tab, you can easily upgrade multiple campaigns at the same time and merge similar campaigns prior the upgrade.

Although advertisers can no longer create device-specific campaigns, Enhanced Campaign does offer a few benefits such as the ability to vary bids based on the location, time and device, all this under one single campaign. At Bang Online, we have already migrated several campaigns to new system and see positive results. Contact us if you would like to find out more about Enhanced Campaign.