The Importance Of Google AdWords Data Segmentation

Google AdWords ultimately relies on metrics. Many advertisers quickly skim the metrics at campaign level taking the numbers at face value. However, there is often additional insights to be gained within these key metrics that advertisers often miss. To illustrate, we will break it down by 3 key metrics:

Click-Through Rate, Average Position and Average Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

The Click-Through Rate makes up the bulk of the Quality Score. However, many Google Adwords advertisers view their ads and consider every click equal – not true. So what skews the CTR?

1.      Device – Segmenting your ads by device to separate out computers, tablets and mobile tells you where the best CTR stems from. If one device has a far superior CTR than the others, you know which ad performs best on which device.

2.      Google Search vs Search Partners – Another underused segment. Search Partners range from search engines such as Ask and AOL to large retailers like Amazon and Target. The CTR on these pages is usually much less than the Google Search CTR. Remedy – opt out of Search Partners.

3.      Ad position – What happens when you’re at the top of page? Reviews, sitelinks and other ad extensions show raising your company’s prominence and performance. How do you segment to get the best performing ad? Use the “Top vs Other” segment on the ads tab. That way, you’ll know which ad is better optimised for position 1.

4.      Multiple search queries – Different keywords have different CTR’s. One or two keywords can artificially increase or decrease the CTR for the entire ad group. Remedy by pausing the keywords have exceptionally low CTR’s and keep the ones with the high CTR.

5.      Ad scheduling – This can be found on the Dimensions tab. Segment your data by “Hour of day” to see when your ad performs best. For example, traffic is at its peak on Friday and slows on Sunday. In this scenario, you may want to add a multiplier to the bid adjustments to boost traffic on Friday.

Linked to the last point, how do we place the correct max CPC on the correct ad group and/or the correct keywords? Again, break down your keywords by “Hour of day” found on the Dimensions tab. Analysing data gathered over the past 30 days is usually a decent amount of time. Look at the average CPC and average position side by side. These are the metrics that will determine the CTR. Find out how much you need to bid and at what time to get the best results.

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