Conversion rate optimisation: Get the most from your digital campaigns

Setting up a campaign and leaving it to run without review is not a realistic approach to digital marketing. Constant revision of the strategy and elements being used in a campaign, and making informed decisions is how you get increased results. And what’s the most important result online for a business? A conversion.

Take a look at what exactly conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is, why you should be doing it and how it works.

What is conversion rate optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation is the systematic approach to monitoring and altering campaigns based on historical data, this is the best approach to optimisation. Making decisions to improve results based on what did and didn’t work in the past is the best way to avoid repetition of mistakes that failed to maximise conversions.

It’s all about quality over quantity. CRO aims to increase the quality of traffic to your website and grow the conversions you receive, targeting more qualified individuals that are closer to the purchase end of the decision-making process will benefit your business.

Why should I engage in CRO?

Consistent CRO that is based on data and statistics means you are always adapting to what your audience is telling you via their online behaviour. Your consumers are constantly changing what they respond to and you should be keeping up with them.

Not happy with your current conversion rate? If you answered ‘yes’, you definitely aren’t alone, only 22% of companies are. Ensuring that you or your marketing agency are spending enough time reviewing and optimising your campaigns is the first step to getting CRO right and making the most from digital marketing opportunities.

Perhaps the most successful example of CRO comes from the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. Using A/B split testing, the campaign raised an extra $60 million. By responding to what the data tells you, you’re able to focus on landing page changes, copy and keywords that deliver results.

Deploying CRO strategy

You can use CRO for any online activity that provides audience and behavioural data., this includes AdWords and social media advertising. Putting the right tracking in place is the most important step in CRO. If you don’t have the right tools in place, you won’t be able to make informed decisions that will deliver results. In most cases, Google Analytics will exceed needs, but some times you will need a little extra.

Check out this great range of tools to see what is available to guide your CRO.

In setting up your tracking system it is important to spend time identifying what exactly a conversion is, for some companies it may be a transaction where a product is purchased. For others, it may be an enquiry that creates a lead or a newsletter registration. Knowing what online behaviours are valuable to your business is crucial to how you improve your website, specifically the landing pages that will be responsible for encouraging conversions.

Not sure where to start with conversion rate optimisation? The Bang team can help. We know how to read the data your website generates and make campaign decisions that increase conversions. Call us today on 9328 7000 or email us to find out what we can do for your online marketing.