Social media marketing

Social media is everywhere. You can't afford not to be engaged.

Social media marketing

Everyone’s on it. In fact, Australian’s are spending up to 2 hours a day on social media. The great thing about social media marketing is we know who these people are – how old they are, where they are situated, what brands they like, even if they are married or single. Never before in the history of marketing have we had such targeted access to the public, without an expensive market research exercise.

Just a few short years ago the main social media website was Facebook, however in that time we have seen the social media landscape grow exponentially with the rise of social media giants Twitter and LinkedIn. Both of these website now carry just as much importance as Facebook in the commercial social media arena.

Not only that but we have also seen brand new players enter the mix including Google Plus (Google’s social network), Pinterest and Instagram.

But what does this all mean to your business? And how can you make the most of this captive audience? Best you read on.


Facebook. Love it or hate it, it’s pretty massive. Over 55% of the Australian population are Facebook users, spending hours at a time online engaging with their friends and family. Imagine if you can reach these people, talk to them, connect with them, get them to share information about your brand, sell to them.

With Facebook marketing you can even reach their friends and the general public, and with Facebook Offers you can present compelling offers to drive sales opportunities straight to your website. Want to drive more likers? Then Facebook Competitions are your thing. It’s all about understanding how this powerful medium works, developing a strategy, and sticking to it.


Want to reach out to other businesses, professionals and employees? LinkedIn is where this happens. An ideal social media platform to increase your online presence, LinkedIn is perfect for building relationships, establishing leadership, generating leads and gaining insights. Not just for B2B marketing, LinkedIn is a fantastic social CRM manager – integrate and stay updated with your contact database’s business activities, and target your marketing efforts accordingly. And what’s more, LinkedIn lets you keep a watchful eye over your competitors- so you’re always ahead of the game.


It may be a “microblog,” but there’s nothing micro about the results you’ll get! Over 3 million messages are posted every day. Are you mentioned in any of them? Instantly deliver public messages out to your audience, whether it is an audience of colleagues or potential customers. Build your brand and specifically target your audience – then let them get to know your brand up close and personal. Whilst twitter marketing can be scary at first, the payoffs for your business can be huge. Quickly inform your target audience, create a strong call to action and build a community of loyal brand followers.


Pinterest is the third largest social media platform after Facebook and Twitter. And it just keeps growing- the volume of pins that appear every day is astronomical. Much more than just an image sharing social media site, Pinterest presents an opportunity for business to get ahead of the curve and actively connect with their audiences. Establish your expertise and be visually exciting, and your adoring fans will flock to you. Your audience is already there, waiting to engage with you. If you’re looking to drive traffic and sales to your website, then Pinterest is where you should be. Pinterest is all about fostering meaningful engagement and driving results.


You might not think much of it, but Google+ is powerful. Combining elements of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, Google+ is a veritable gold mine of information just waiting to be harvested. Set up a killer social media marketing strategy, and Google+ represents a plethora of opportunity to better understand your audience and their needs. Use this info to position your company as an authority and increase visibility in search results, and your audience will come to you. Be smart about it, and you’ll soon foster strong and meaningful engagement with your audience.

Youtube (video marketing)

Why video marketing? Because video works. It’s effective and efficient – deliver your messages straight to your audience. But it’s not just about watching videos – YouTube allows you to develop hyper targeted advertising along with effective paid and organic search, and powerful content control. YouTube is the place on the Internet to display your video marketing content. There are other excellent mediums that might emerge as major players in video distribution in the coming months, but at the moment it is all about YouTube.

Incorporate YouTube marketing into your digital marketing strategy, and your campaign can deliver not only the views, but more importantly, additional actions. What actions are we talking about? We are talking about brand awareness, engagement with your company, click throughs to your website, newsletter sign-ups, enquiries and eventually conversions.

What’s more, YouTube marketing will have a significant impact on your SEO. Why? Because search engines are getting smarter all the time and are now looking at social signals and brands that invest in rich media content such as video marketing as core ranking factors in their algorithm’s. Bonus!