Optimise your Email Marketing Campaigns with A/B Split Testing

Missile Mail, our Email Marketing Software, allows you to continually improve your email marketing performance through A/B Split Testing.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing (also called split testing) is a way of working out which of two different options will be the most effective. When used for your email campaigns, A/B Testing can help you decide which email will be the best one to send to your subscriber list from two different options which are labelled A and B.  The basic idea is that you send Version A to a small number of your subscribers, and Version B to another small group. The response results (opens or clicks) are measured, and a winner is chosen. That winning version is then sent out to all the remaining subscribers.

Why should I use A/B Testing?

A/B Testing offers a simple way for you to get the most opens and clicks from your campaigns. With A/B Testing you can test two subject lines or from names – to see which one results in the most opens or clicks – or two completely different designs – to see which one gets the best results. You can basically compare as many other variables as you can think of. A/B Testing is a great way to gain insight into what works well on your specific target market and thus to design email campaigns that perform optimally.

How to use A/B Testing in Missile Mail?

When you define your campaign and sender, you have 2 options (represented by the two tabs – “Regular campaign” and “A/B test”): creating a regular campaign or create an A/B Split campaign. Click on the A/B tab to see your A/B testing options.

Depending on which option you chose (subject line, email content, from name), you’ll see some extra fields appear (to enter your alternate subject or ‘from’ details). If you chose to A/B test email content, you will get an extra step when defining the content for your campaign. Once you’ve defined the settings of your A/B test, you will be able to define your subscribers as you would normally do.

Finalise the setting of your test: specify what sample of your list your want to test both version on and for how long (from 1 hour to several days). Keep in mind that you can always manually declare a winner at any time by visiting the reports.

If you want assistance using this feature on Missile Mail or if you would like us to create a trial Missile Mail account for you, simply contact the team at Bang Digital.