Google’s RankBrain Update

We always keep our ears to the ground with any new Google Algorithm updates, as an update from Google can impact our clients SEO rankings depending on what the actual update is. More often than not our clients do not get impacted by too many updates, mainly because Google’s updates always target poor quality content and link building practises (which we don’t engage in).

Alternatively the Google Updates do not penalise websites but reward websites for engaging in practises they now want to give more value too. From an SEO perspective these are extremely valuable pieces of information which then influences our SEO tactics and strategy.

Recent Algo Updates 2015

Mid to late 2015 there were two main Google Algorithm updates that occurred. The first was an update to the well known Panda update, now sitting at Panda version 4.2 and the second that occurred in October 2015 was the RankBrain update which was when Google announced for the first time that they had incorporated ‘machine learning’ or Artificial Intelligence into the Algorithm.

Machine Learning

The consensus is that the machine learning update RankBrain had been in the mix for a good few months prior to the announcement and is one of the top 3 rankings influencers in the algorithm today. So RankBrain is part of the overall Google Algorithm and in a nutshell it teaches itself how to do something, rather than being programmed by human programmer or following detailed programming pattern. In a sense it acquires knowledge through what it knows already and from what it learns. Very exciting stuff.

The reason RankBrain was such a big deal in late 2015 is the fact Google has over 200 signals that make up the overall Algorithm and, really out of nowhere, Google has stated that RankBrain is now number 3 in terms of algorithm influence. The main use of RankBrain according to industry experts is to interpret the searches from users to locate webpages that will not have the exact words that were searched.

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