Facebook Canvas: Bring Your Ads to Life on Mobile

Social media giant Facebook has recently rolled out its latest mobile ad format, Canvas. First announced in September last year, Canvas ads appear like normal sponsored posts in the news feed, but when tapped the ad opens to a full page of branded content.

Before Canvas, mobile users would click through an ad placement to the advertiser’s website, which if not optimised for mobile would create a poor end-user experience. Now with Canvas, the ad opens up immediately from the news feed to a dynamic full screen experience that incorporates a mix of images, video, text and other content. This gives advertisers a more versatile platform and makes it possible to create brand experiences without having to push users to other websites. People can swipe through a carousel of images, tilt to view panoramic images, and zoom in to view images in detail.

Facebook canvas ad

Perhaps most importantly, Facebook is ensuring the ads are easy to customise to suit your brand. You can decide to add a button, carousel, photo, text block, video, product or any combination of the above before customising the ad with themes. Naturally you can preview the ad and make any adjustments before finally publishing it.

Launched late February, Canvas is the most immersive Facebook advertising platform to date. It enables advertisers to break through the clutter and stand out to followers by providing them with engaging and fresh content. For now though it is worthy to note that Canvas ads only work on iOS and Android, and Facebook has not announced whether there will be a Web interface in the works.

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