Our social media guide to growing your brand organically

With business exposure increasing due to social media (according to 90% of all marketers), it is crucial that brands are creating a sustainable and actionable plan to organically grow their brand across the top social media platforms. Posting clear, concise and consistent content is ideal and should remain at the forefront of your marketing strategy.

Social media allows businesses to reach and target a large amount of people, for little to no cost. We believe that these key factors will help to grow your social media accounts organically. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Connect with your audience

Your ideal customer is a returning one, and one that recommends your product or service to everyone they know. In order to do this, you must build honest relationships with your customers. Responding to any messages or enquiries is imperative to building and continuing these relationships. Offering advice and guidance to your customers will ensure their loyalty remains with you and your business.

71% of customers who have had a positive service experience with a brand via social media are likely to recommend that company, and are likely to spend 21% more due to this experience.

2. Engage with organic influencers

Growing your brand organically doesn’t necessarily exclude the use of paid influencers. Certain influencers can have an extremely positive affect on your business. The key to using paid influencers in your marketing strategy is by choosing those that genuinely believe in your product or service, which will convey through to your audience. This strategy may not necessarily increase the number of sales but will definitely increase brand awareness.

Consumers of social media are very switched on, so it becomes obvious when a brand has engaged with an influencer that is not staying true to their brand values and overall brand message. Ensure you engage with influencers that will allow you to create long term relationships with, where you both benefit.

3. Share your story

Your audience wants to know why you’re in business and what drives you. Sharing your brands values with potential customers will validate your brand and verify that your business is real and relevant. Connecting authentically with your audience will offer you a point of difference over your competitors. Consumers want to understand the person/s behind the brand, so show your audience why they should invest in you!

4. Marketing through motion

Video marketing is fast becoming the strongest tool to use across social media channels. According to SocialMediaToday, Facebook videos on average receive 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo, with 43% of people wanting to see more video content from marketers in the future. Video marketing doesn’t need to be complicated – an increasing amount of businesses are utilising video to advertise new products, invite followers behind the scenes or share collaborations from within the industry.

Instagram Live is a great way to market your business on a particular topic. Each follower will receive a notification when you are ‘live’, allowing them to follow and engage immediately with you via video. The Stories feature is also a great way to schedule in a ‘live chat’ with followers who may have questions about your product or service. Knowing that there is a face behind the brand allows potential customers to feel more at ease and comfortable when making a purchase.

5. Offer an incentive to potential customers

Utilise your social media accounts to your advantage, by offering an incentive to potential customers to get them excited about your product or service. Holding a competition or offering a giveaway is a great way to grow your brand if you’re just starting out. It doesn’t have to be anything too over the top, just something that gets your audience interacting with your brand.

Keep in mind that different platforms require different types of incentives. For example, Instagram ‘tag and follow’ competitions require little to no work from the consumer. Competitions
or giveaways that require the audience to repost, follow 10+ accounts or give a creative answer tend to receive less engagement as they require more effort. Offering these type of incentives may be more successful on Facebook where the option to ‘share’ is quick and easy.

How Bang can help

The landscape of social media is changing rapidly, and you can’t afford not to be engaged. We can assist you in creating a solid strategy and brand ideology, so that the task of creating a social media presence online is not so daunting.

We’re here to chat about anything social and would love to assist you in growing your brand organically. Send us through an enquiry to see how we can help!