Facebook & Instagram: The Basics

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have grown from being places to share photos and updates with friends to become fully-fledged marketing channels in their own right. A brand’s social media presence is becoming an increasingly important part of their digital footprint, and so it pays to integrate this into your overarching marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is crucial for increasing brand awareness, fostering relationships with current and potential customers, and boosting conversions. If you’re new to the world of social media, fear not – we’re here to talk you through the basics so you can get started with creating content in no time.

How to make a business page on Instagram and Facebook


You can click this link to create a new page, or this link to create a page based on your personal Facebook profile. All you’ll need to create a new page is your business name and description, a profile photo and cover photo, and a call to action, such as directing page visitors to visit your website or to call. From here, you’re ready to post content, connect with customers and contacts, and gain insights into your page’s performance.


Once you’ve downloaded the app and set up your profile, go to Instagram account settings, tap account and then click “Switch to Professional Account”. Select a Business account and you’re good to go! From here you’ll be able to link your business’ Facebook page and start taking advantage of Instagram’s built-in analytics tools, which will give insights on post-performance, engagement, and your audience.

If you’d like to switch your account back to a personal one, you can do so at any time by following the same steps and selecting “Switch to Personal Account”.

Instagram Switch Account Settings

How to change your page’s name

Your username is most likely to be how people search for you on Instagram, so make sure it’s memorable, easy to spell, aligns with your brand, and fits into your long-term business goals. If possible, try to use a consistent username across all social media channels – this not only looks more professional and considered but makes it a lot easier for followers to find and engage with you on other platforms.


You’ll need admin access to request a change to your page’s name. From your newsfeed, select “Pages” from the side menu. Click your page and go through to “Page Settings”. Click “Page Info” from the left-hand column, locate your page’s name, enter a new name, and select “Request Change”. You’ll also be able to create a username for your page, which will appear below your page’s name and in its URL.


Instagram accounts have two names: a username and a display name. Your username appears as your handle (e.g. @bangdigitalaustralia) and at the end of your profile’s URL. This is unique to you, can’t be more than 30 characters and can only contain letters, numbers, periods, and underscores. Comparatively, your display name doesn’t need to be unique to you and can contain emojis and special characters.

To change either your username or display name, tap on the icon in the bottom right corner of the app to view your profile. From here, tap “Edit Profile”, tap on your current name, and type in your new one. Once you’re happy with it, click “Done” and go back to your profile to view the changes.

So now that you’ve established your business’ social media presence, it’s time to create content and start engaging with customers. Our social media team are experts in creating both organic and paid strategies, no matter the industry or objective. Get in touch today to discuss how you can get the most out of your new Facebook and Instagram pages.