June 11, 2015

Top 5 reasons to advertise with Bing Ads

June 11, 2015

Top 5 reasons to advertise with Bing Ads

Top 5 reasons to advertise with Bing Ads
  1. Access to a growing unique audience

The Bing Ads platform provides access to a unique audience of 4.1million unique searchers in Australia1. Not only is Bing technology powering search for Microsoft products (Windows Phone, Xbox, Office, Skype), but also for other partners such as Siri from Apple and Amazon Kindle. In addition, Cortana (Microsoft’s digital assistant) and the new Windows 10 operating system will play an integral role in growing the number of searchers around the world, making it quick and easy for users to search from their PC desktop, tablet or mobile.

  1. High buying power

On average, unique searchers on the Yahoo Bing Network2 spend 156% more than the average internet searcher, and 50% more than Google searchers1. This increased buying power makes Bing Ads a highly valuable platform for businesses to leverage in their digital media plan.

  1. Lower average Cost Per Click (CPC)

The lower average CPC on Bing Ads, allows you to get more traffic to your website for less money. Why not allocate 10% of your digital spend to Bing Ads and see how this affects your overall performance and ROI?

  1. Great customer service

Bing Ads takes their customer service extremely seriously. As the customer, you are incredibly important to them and they endeavour to make your advertising experience as easy as possible from start to finish.

  1. Quick and easy to get your campaigns started

The Bing Ads Import Tool allows you to import your existing Google campaigns at the click of a button. It’s extremely quick and easy to use, so if you’re already advertising on Google, it’s incredibly simple to copy your campaigns across to Bing Ads. In addition, the new Universal Event Tracking (UET) allows a streamlined solution for tracking your conversions and revenue. Adding just one tag to your website will allow you to track performance. And it can even be added using GTM or other third party tools!At Bang Digital we are a Bing Ads Certified Partner, and have years of experience in running successful PPC campaigns on the Bing network. Get in touch today for more details on how we can help you driving more quality leads to your site.

  1. Source: comScore qSearch Explicit Core Search, March 2015.
  2. The Yahoo Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo sites in worldwide.