June 10, 2015

Facebook’s introduction of multi-product adverts

June 10, 2015

Facebook’s introduction of multi-product adverts

Facebook’s introduction of multi-product adverts

Facebook recently announced a new ad format, known as a multi-product ad, which enables advertisers to showcase up to five products within a singular ad. Where previously you had to choose a single image, description and landing page, you can now have up to five different images; each with their own description, image and landing page.This change comes as Facebook seek to remain relevant and valuable to their advertising clients. The introduction of multi-product ads aims to grow the conversion rates for advertisers.

Facebook Multi-Products Ad Image

Why you should consider using multi-product ads

  1. Allows you to tell a story

Audiences want to hear a story or see something creative and unique. Nobody likes advertising to be boring and direct.As you scroll through each of the different images you can be taken on a journey. Users have a higher emotional engagement with content that they feel a connection with; providing a positive association with the brand.This is an entirely new platform for this medium and the creative possibilities are yet to be discovered!

  1. Increased appeal

Multi-product ads allow users to scroll through different products or services your business has on offer, increasing the chances that it will be relevant to their needs.Where before you had to gamble on what an audience would be most interested in, you can now add a variety of information to increase the likelihood of someone enjoying and engaging with your ad. This allows you to test out multiple products at once, and can give you an indication of the most popular items.

  1. Promote multiple landing pages

Multi-product ads allow advertisers to send website clicks to a specific landing page, which is more relevant for the user and thereby increases the likelihood of a conversion.This means that you no longer have to pack all of that information into a single image and link to a landing page that fits all of your items generically.You can now have a different image for each product you are wanting to advertise, and lead your audience to a page specific to what they were interested in. This page will be more relevant and not discouraging or leaving your audience unable to find what they were looking for.

  1. Break through the clutter

This is a fairly new feature and many businesses are still using single image adverts.Trialling this update will set you apart from your competitors and grab people’s attention, rather than blending in with the posts and other advertising on the Facebook newsfeed.

  1. Increase conversions

At Bang Digital, we were sceptical of the impact of multi-product Facebook ads. We implemented this new feature with a couple of our clients and we were surprised at the dramatic improvement in results.One client increased their website visits from Facebook by 110%. This client’s overall cost per conversion decreased by over 53%, delivering significant return on investment.If you are interested in implementing this updated feature into your online marketing strategy, contact the Bang Digital team on (08) 9328 7000 to speak with an account manager.