July 15, 2016

Why the right landing pages are crucial to your remarketing campaign’s success

July 15, 2016

Why the right landing pages are crucial to your remarketing campaign’s success

Why the right landing pages are crucial to your remarketing campaign’s success

The 'landing page' is the page on your website where traffic from your campaign is directed. For remarketing these are people who have previously visited your site and, with the right settings in the right campaign, not converted. Getting the most out of a remarketing click means presenting them with new information to encourage a conversion, something that a landing page not available through the main site navigation can deliver.Below are the top pointers for developing a landing page that will drive the most conversions and deliver the greatest value to your business.

Content & new offers

Why did a potential lead not convert the first time they visited your site? Did they not understand enough about the product or service you provide? Was the price point out of their range? Was shipping too expensive?The remarketing landing page should address and allay these concerns once someone clicks on the ad. Use content that is straight to the point but provides enough detail to educate these visitors so they know if you are right for their needs.If your prices are higher than competitors, offering discount codes, special offers or free shipping codes on retail sites will improve the number of conversions you see being made on-site.

Match your messaging

People you are targeting through remarketing should be met with messaging that matches that of the messaging in the ad. Doing so provides a streamlined experience that makes it easier for visitors to know what you are offering and want them to do next.If you offer a discount code in the ad, promote this on the landing page traffic is being driven to so that is is easily accessible and can be used to make a purchase.A claim made about your service in the ad copy should be mirrored in the landing page copy to reaffirm your USP. Reiterating messages throughout the experience helps customers to know what you are about and why they should choose you over a competitor.

Trust indicators

Another potential reason that people are choosing to not enquire about your services or make a purchase online is that your site doesn’t communicate that you are a reputable business. While this should be addressed on the overall site, the landing page can let revisiting traffic know about what makes you a trusted provider.A few examples include:

  • If you are an ecommerce site, highlighting the security of your checkout platform and other ecommerce credentials such as being a Google Trusted Store
  • Customer testimonials from happy customers or displaying other big-name clients to impart confidence to potential customers
  • Building companies and new property developments can highlight their track record and reputation, leveraging historic branding


All of this information should be presented in an uncluttered, easy to follow design. Landing pages that are cluttered and difficult to make sense of result in high bounce rates, low time on site, and low conversions all of which can impact how much you pay (user experience influences CPC).The main things to ensure that your landing page is easy to navigate and adds value to your business are:

  • Clear headline that connects to the ad copy
  • Relevant imagery to grab attention and guide the gaze
  • Clear and contrasting call to action buttons that are easy to spot and communicate simply what the next step is
  • Minimal form details required - the more information people are required to include, the less likely to complete and send a form they are
  • No navigational links - while the design of your main site should be mirrored as much as possible, where it is logical to do so the landing page should have no main navigation to distract and lead visitors away from the highly targeted message you’ve created

If you are looking to take your remarketing to the next level with specifically developed landing pages, Bang Digital can help. Get in touch by phoning 9328 7000 or drop us a line here.