July 27, 2015

Why link building is still important for SEO in 2015

July 27, 2015

Why link building is still important for SEO in 2015

Why link building is still important for SEO in 2015

There are continued debates over whether or not link building will help your business rank better, some claim that link building will even lead to you being penalised by Google.A simple definition of link building in 2015 is that it is the art of getting other websites to link to your website to improve your rankings in Google. There are many ways to build links in 2015 and recent research by Moz has uncovered the importance that link building still has in 2015’s SEO landscape.

A quick history

In the early days of SEO people were creating links left right and centre which lead to Google cracking down on this with the introduction of the Penguin Algorithm, penalising websites that used bad, spam link farms.Google have continually reaffirmed that link building is an outdated practice that SEOs should leave behind. But the thing is, the research doesn’t reflect what they’re saying and actions speak louder than words.

The research

Moz’s research investigated the correlation between external links and ranking position, what they found was a very strong relationship between the two.

Relationship between Google Rank & Links

While there are other factors determining rank, external links have a great impact. External links are effectively present for 100% of top-rating results in competitive searches and more links correlate with higher ranks.There is, of course, a point of diminishing returns but for a highly competitive keyword a handful of backlinks won’t get you very far.

How link building should change

While the old style of link building is long dead there is a newer, better way to go about it.

Stop the spam

Only submit to directories that haven’t been labelled as spam and that have a high domain authority. Most SEO companies will have a program they use to determine the value and credibility of a link; here at Bang Digital we have several.

Link earning

Create genuine relationships with other businesses, which should be relevant to your industry to provide real value.These natural links are credible and can even generate leads from the links themselves, not just improving the ranking for your keywords.


Content marketing is huge and is unavoidable. The content on your web pages and additional content like blogs are extremely important. Original and relevant content on your website improves your ranking in search results, as content itself is a ranking factor, but genuinely interesting content that people want to read will get shared. The sharing of content between online users generates organic link building that cannot be replicated by an SEO.Link building is a powerful tool that can have great results for your website and business but has the potential to be dangerous. To discuss link building and other SEO strategies for your business contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly Online Marketing Professionals at Bang Digital.